Music IO Routes MIDI Over USB Between iOS & Mac


Secret Base Design
has introduced Music IO – a new app that lets you route MIDI over USB, between iOS and Mac OS X.

It joins a rapidly growing collection of apps delivering MIDI over USB capabilities to iOS, including MIDI LE and midimux.

Here’s a quick video demo:


  • Send & Receive MIDI between any CoreMIDI apps over USB (Lightning or 30 pin) with no perceptible latency nor jitter
  • Large sysex messages (eg. bulk dumps) handled seamlessly
  • Choose “send to” ports (OSX and iOS)
  • Choose “receive from” (OSX): route MIDI from anywhere to your iOS device
  • BridgeClock, a ground-breaking inter-device MIDI-clock-synchronization technology, provides jitter-free sync between platforms
  • Runs on iOS 6 or better (10.7+ on OSX)

Planned features for Music IO include Audio over USB and comprehensive MIDI routing between specific IOS apps.

Music IO is available now for US $2.99 in the App Store.

15 thoughts on “Music IO Routes MIDI Over USB Between iOS & Mac

    1. And as of May 8th it still crashes.I have the latest version on both the iPad and the Macbook. As soon as I launch the Macbook Music IO server, it crashes. I have yet to be able to use this app.

  1. I get the impression they kind of rushed the release on this because of the other release that happened moments before.

    Hopefully this team will scramble and play catch-up, getting this to work with at least iOS 7 & 8, and Mac OS 10.6.8- 10.10.x

    I think it SHOULD be compatible with Snow Leopard, because it is widely regarded as one of the more stable in recent years.

    1. Yeah, there didn’t seem to be any system requirements listed for the Mac side of things. I bought the musicIO only to find that the Mac app wouldn’t run on snow leopard. It’s either a system update or midimux for those like me I guess…

  2. MIDI LE – game changer for me 🙂 i like midi over bluetooth, but even small latency is killing my flow whitch happened every time when i was using it :/ !!! MUSIC IO is fast, simple and just perfect 🙂 cant wait to use audio over USB feature 🙂 BIG RESPECT !!! btw i used Windows for music purpose and with no problem i can say that WINDOWS SUCKS!!!!!!

  3. If these MIDI over USB systems use the charge/sync cable for the connection, can the iOS device be powered from the Mac (future PC hopefully) ?

  4. What a great idea all these guys had at about the same time. I feel for them all–they probably had no idea all the competition that would suddenly arrive.

    On the subject of iOS versions, it’s getting to be a PITA to support anything before iOS 7. In some ways, it’s a pain to support even 7. Everything is geared to crank out iOS 8 apps.

    I’m a bit surprised at all the pre-8 love at Synthopia. As of two months ago, Apple estimated iOS 8 at 68%, 7 at 29%, and older at 4%. I can only assume people have good reasons not to update (such as the performance hit of upgrading on older devices).

  5. Thanks for the coverage! The app is a joint effort with Audeonic Apps and MIDI Designer; the three of us decided to band together, and focus on making the best app possible. We’ve got quite a few things planned for future releases.

    I suspect that there are several USB-using apps popping up around the same time, as all the developers saw that Apple let Duet Display through, and immediately thought “hey, how did they do that?” Once you find out about the back end of Duet Display, the MIDI and audio parts are pretty straight forward. If you had asked me a year ago if I thought Apple would let us do it — I would have said absolutely not. I’m still a little surprised that none of us have gotten hit with the ban hammer.

    The app wasn’t a quick overnight effort, though — Secret Base Design released Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth in November 2013 — well before Apple had even made an announcement of their plans (and with support for iOS and OS X versions they still won’t touch). We started doing audio streaming over WiFi, with the release of Sound Injector in September of last year. The MIDIbus library from Audeonic has been around for quite a while, and powers a number of high profile apps, and there are tons of MIDIBridge users. MIDI Designer has been a studio workhorse for years. We’ve been moving quickly, but it’s largely because we already had much of the required code written, and all of us had a good understanding of what had to happen. It’s been a lot of fun working with the other two teams — really bright, creative people, and I think we’re going to do a lot of things together.

  6. Christian guy behind midi Le is friends with the guy who created midimux they both live in berlin…, this is actually second application from secret base that lets you send midi..first one was over Bluetooth..mi think all these people should start emailing each other and come up with something spectacular like iconnectivity but without an actual interface…

  7. Ohh and add the guy who designed loopy to ithe whole team as he is working on some super stable midi protocol and you’ll probably have some mind blowing product

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