Sound Fighter Lets You Play Street Fighter With Pianos


Sound Fighter is a unique installation that uses traditional pianos as PlayStation 2 controllers, letting you play Street Fighter using pianos.

Here’s a video demo of Sound Fighter in action:

Sound Fighter was created by DDB Paris for the Maison de la Radio. Two pianos were outfitted with piezoelectric sensors that capture notes:


A Raspberry Pi, an Arduino Uno and custom PCBs are used to capture the information and translate it into game controller signals.

The controller firmware is designed to translate notes into game control in a way that will, hopefully, be both musical and a fun way to play. Here are a few example mappings:


Check out the demo and let us know what you think!

See the project site for technical details.

14 thoughts on “Sound Fighter Lets You Play Street Fighter With Pianos

    1. Grand theft auto, the term coffee is for something, well uhm fun
      revels bolero is reference to the movie “10” with Bo Derek, she played the music to do what?

  1. would be interesting to see this concept employed for realtime bgm composition in a platformer. and they could change scales for level variation

  2. They should re-skin the game as well. I want to fight as Oscar Peterson. His special move would be to throw TB-303s at his opponent.

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