Twisted Electrons Crush Bitcrusher


Twisted Electrons’ Crush is a tabletop effects unit that creates bit rate and sample rate reduction effects.

According to the company, “Crush can reveal interesting textures surprisingly rich in character and harmonics by lowering the sample rate and resolution of you sound.”

You can adjust the amount of distortion manually with the Crush knob, and/or add some modulation with the dual-shape LFO.

The Ghost Knob feature lets you record and play back Crush knob movements with the press of a button.

You can also control Crush externally via its CV input.

Here’s the official audio demo of Crush in action:

Crush is available from the Twisted Electrons site for 79.00 Euro.

via Ryan Patridge

9 thoughts on “Twisted Electrons Crush Bitcrusher

  1. Oooh I might have to grab one of these. I used to love using my Alesis guitar multi-fx pedal for this kinda stuff back in my pre-synth days.

  2. The cv is interesting, it shall pair well with my A4. I noticed another module on the sight as well called PHIL(great name) that is an analog filter. Interesting…..

  3. Although the price is very tempting I would really like to know how this thing actually works. Just one knob for bitrate and samplerate reduction combined, without any markings seems kind of pointless to me. And since the LFO is always moving about in the demo it’s hard to get a feel for the actual sound of the bit crusher.

  4. Seems alright…i think. Id like to hear a demo on what it does to drums, and with the mix turned down more, so the signal isnt completely killed.

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