Volcano Mod Adds MIDI Out To Korg Volca Sample


Amazing Machines has announced that their Volcano Kit is ‘fully compatible’ with the Korg Volca Sample.


The kit is designed to add a MIDI Out port to devices in Korg’s Volca series.

The MIDI Output Port on the Volca Sample transmits the following messages:

  • Start / Stop Commands
  • MIDI Clock
  • Trigger Output from Part 1 to 10 (MIDI Channels 1 to 10)

Note: Amazing Machines says that the current Volca Sample Firmware, version 1.3, does not allow the Volca Sample to transmit MIDI Continuous Controller Data from its knobs.

The Amazing Machines Volcano Kit is available for US $48. Basic soldering skills are required to install the kit; it requires soldering three wires to the Volca’s PCB.

27 thoughts on “Volcano Mod Adds MIDI Out To Korg Volca Sample

  1. Whoa, that is expensive. But midi out is nice.

    This way, a Volca converts a sync pulse from an analog source to midi beat clock, allowing to sync your daw to your analog rig.

    1. well midi cv kits have cost starting around that, the question is what is in circuit, because most converters use a PIC chip at least, more have a programed ic

      1. Yeah, the Monotribe mod required an IC. In this case, Korg has done all the hard work; all four components of this kit are passive, and in total cost maybe a couple bucks. The resistors aren’t even really necessary, and the DC-blocking capacitor on GND is just a failsafe. If you go into your parts bin and grab two resistors and a cap and use them to connect a MIDI jack to the clearly marked points on the Beats’ PCB you’ll have a functionally identical solution.

    1. That sentiment is true of many Amazing Machines products. This really should be a $20 affair if you don’t want do DIY.

  2. Not this again. For those who missed the info last time: this product is literally two resistors, a capacitor, and a MIDI jack, and saves you no effort at all since it still requires soldering.

    Frankly, it feels predatory: the only person who’s going to buy this is someone who doesn’t know any better, and instead of educating them this company is taking them for a ride to the tune of $40.

      1. Sure–instructions are available at http://blog.utopianlabs.com/2013/09/korg-volca-beats-midi-out/

        If you want an identical solution, use 1-200ohm resistors to connect the two signal pins (the ones on either side of the central, topmost pin) to the relevant pads on the PCB instead of plain wire, and a small (0.1uf) electrolytic capacitor rated for 50v (why not) on the central pin, which goes to the gnd pad. You totally don’t need to, but it provides a little extra safety in case something goes horribly wrong somewhere in the MIDI chain.

        Another tip is that you can use a 1/8″ trs socket instead of a MIDI port: just connect the tip and ring pins to tx/vc and sleeve to gnd, and then cut up a spare MIDI cable and solder connect the relevant wires to the relevant places on a trs jack (maybe from an old pair of ear buds?)

        1. Using old earbuds sounds good in theory, but once you expose the wires they can be a pain because they are laced with a secondary fiber that makes soldering a mess. Of course you can burn the fiber away with a lighter, but the wire is so thin that the flame produced compromises the wire. Possible but very tricky.

          1. well tried it didn’t work took off cap and resistors and it worked straight away. If anyone has done it let me know what size cap and resistors you used and which way round the cap went
            cheers 🙂

  3. I tried the mod, but burnt the pads up on the board.
    is there any chance I can resurrect? i considered drilling down a bit to expose some metal.
    i have no idea how this connection was so weak…just ripped right off.

    please help!

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