Midimux & Audiomux Sneak Preview

This video, via thesoundtestroomUS, takes a look at Midimux and Audiomux, two new apps that are designed to route MIDI and audio, between iOS devices and Macs, over USB:

Using Ableton and some old favorites in FunkBox and Magellan, we first take a look at getting set up to send and receive the midi data, before tackling the audio transfers about five and a half minutes in. These apps are so simple to use, it’s really a monumental achievement to be able to use your iDevices and Mac so seamlessly together. With this combo, you can now use your iPad or iPhone as a true extension of your desktop DAW, without the need for audio or midi interfaces.

Midimux is available now. Audiomux is currently being reviewed by Apple.

5 thoughts on “Midimux & Audiomux Sneak Preview

  1. Going to get these soon.
    As to the price difference between iOS synths and vet’s, -I understand the advantage of vst’s for running multiple instances in a DAW, but have to admit to an ignorance of other benefits. Anyone care to enlighten me? Sound quality seems pretty good on iSEM, and Thor, but have not tried their AU/VST counterparts…
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. I put Midimux on my iPad 1 & MacBook Air last weekend.

    First, I had to deal with the fruitless attempt of the two, now-incompatible devices (using the 9-pin) trying to sync in iTunes. But I somehow I managed to get iTunes shut down and the two devices play nice together over Midimux.

    Once I got things going with Midimux, it worked great! What latency there might have been seemed unnoticeable.

    Which brings me to a question: Would it be better to use the Camera Connection Kit adapter & a normal USB cable with Midimux with an iPad 1?

    When Audiomux is released, I’m getting it!

  3. If it can be done with a cable+black box combo to supply the correct voltages on the correct pins and without need for any app (eg. iConnectMIDI), then why aren’t more developers developing it?

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