Roland JD-Xi Webinar

Roland JD-Xi Webinar

via Ed Diaz:

In this first webinar, I wanted to take a more in-depth look at the [Roland] JD-Xi.

In future webinars, we will cover other synths such as the FA-06/08, GAIA SH-01, FANTOM-G, FANTOM-X, and V-SYNTH GT.

Please check it out and hopefully we not only learn a lot, but let’s also have fun. Thanks for your support. -Ed.

The webinar is scheduled to begin at Noon (Central US time), Saturday, March 14.

12 thoughts on “Roland JD-Xi Webinar

  1. I don’t know why roland thought this was necessary, yet another example of overkill.

    If this is in house training for roland staff fine. I found the picture going in and out and again you can’t tell the audio from a video like this, you need to see the real thing.

  2. And they’ve censored the 86 comments on the YouTube page…

    This is not a media public event, this is an internal training forum, it lacks the polish and experience required to keep any consumer audience interested. While it is informative and the ppl put a lot of work into it, Google conned them into thinking this would be a media event.

  3. Hello Garak, unfortunately you are completely mistaken in your comments. The purpose of this video was for my fellow keyboard players who were asking me questions on the new keyboard. This webinar was done from my own personal channel and not from Roland. This was my first attempt at a webinar and was meant to help.

    I also realize that the video went out, but that was an issue that was due to bandwidth. I will try to resolve this issue so that I do not have anymore of these video dropouts.

    As far as 86 comments being removed, that is also incorrect. I will gladly share the chat that took place during the webinar if it is possible. Overall everyone that took part was very supportive and we all had a pretty good time. I hope that in the future you can have a nicer opinion of someone trying to share with others.

    Take care,

    1. Fair enough, I got the impression it was a roland thing, my apologies.

      Definitely more interested to see the dj-xa next month.

  4. PRO:
    1. Four-part with sequencer
    2. Genuine Analog Voice
    3. Decent effects
    4. Affordable price
    5. Drums

    1. Tiny Keys
    2. Mysterious analog Filter steps with lo-res MIDI values
    3. Scratch & Fingerprint-prone Glossy Panel
    4. Aimed at kids, already has toylike reputation
    5. Lots of Menudiving, not enough direct control
    6. Three octaves not enough for keying big poly chords
    7. VA engine is last-generation, not circuit modeled

    1. other cons include an overall thin horrible sound. 😀 I feel sorry for the marketing and store rep guys who have to do these promos and explanations for such truly uninspiring devices. They’re in the keyboard and synth sections of their chosen career, following their passion and making money doing it, yet year after year they must pump out these feature lists, as mountains of irony and tragedy continually bloom, tainting the reputation of their chosen field and their favourite words and ideas.

  5. neat little basic synth. Mr. Diaz did a great job at giving a more detailed demo.

    I like the multiple synth engine groove box thing. Not a big fan of the sound or the actual synthesis abilities though… Hope the XA offers enough to make it a viable option against stuff like the nord lead 4, virus, etc.

    IMHO, people in this price range should take a serious look at the notation ultra nova. Serious power there.

  6. Is there anything comparable at this price?

    The closest thing is probably the MicroKorg XL, but this is way mor synth, plus it throws in an analog synth.

    I heard this at NAMM and it can sound huge. It has a great synth engine, but in a cheap body.

    1. I think at this price point, consumers will have many options. There is the UltraNova, a waay more powerful synth specs-wise, but only has one part. Same with the waldorf blofeld, and even Roland’s own aira. There are tons of analogs with more features, like a mopho, minibrute (crappy build quality but awesome sound), MFB stuff, evolver desktop, minitaur, etc.

      And in that price range, many will choose to buy used. A second-hand Nord, Virus B, JP-8080, Little Phatty, radias, ms-2000b, nova, microQ, tetra,etc…all arguably better in one way or another.

      The JDXi is, in my opinion, a jack of all trades, master of none scenario. Whether it’s the right instrument for someone is going to be up to budget and immediate needs. It’s not super powerful and does a bunch of things well but not great, and is useful to any musician but only if they don’t already own dedicated tools for all the functions the jdxi offers.

      There is also a lot of feature overlap in the unit, so if you own an aira tr-8, you probably won’t need the drum parts. I can see it selling well, to musicians seeking their first analog and more serious synth nuts who want something portable to take places.

      BUT… for permanent installs in a home studio or commercial use, I think people would be better suited to buying higher quality gear that does one thing well and saving up as needs grow. In the long run, people who buy a JDXi for that kind of use will probably out-grow it and end up wanting the pricier stuff eventually… I never thought I’d say this, but even the Aira gear makes more sense in that regard… (now I feel dirty).

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