Moog Foundation Spring Raffle Features Vintage Moog Liberation Synthesizer


The Bob Moog Foundation has announced its spring raffle, featuring a vintage Moog Liberation synthesizer.

The raffle, a fundraiser in support of the Foundation’s projects, runs through April 20, 2015 or until all 2,000 tickets are sold.

The winner will be announced on April 24, 2015. Also included in the raffle is an original owner’s manual for the Liberation, written by Rock Wehrmann in 1980.


The Moog Liberation is a strap-on dual oscillator monophonic/polyphonic analog synthesizer with one voltage controlled 24dB/octave Moog filter (VCF) and one voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). It boasts a polyphonic section, which allows for synth-like chords, a ring modulator, noise generator, syncable VCOs, and a ribbon controller, located in the neck portion of the instrument.

It comes with two accessories, the interface/power supply and a 40′ cable. The instrument is in its original case, which is in excellent condition save light exterior wear.


  • Temperature regulated ultra stable audio oscillators
  • Logical control panel layout with signal processing from left to right
  • Two voltage controlled audio oscillators, each with separate three-position rocker switches, waveform selectors, and volume controls. Oscillator two has a separate interval control. (Both oscillators one and two are tuned with Master tune control).
  • Switchable oscillator synchronization. Force control of sync sweep.
  • Separate low frequency modulation oscillator with triangle and square waveshapes
  • Variable modulation amount wheel controls amount of vibrato, trills, wah-wah and/or tremolo
  • Separate filter and oscillator force or wheel switches
  • Patented Moog voltage controlled 24dB/octave filter with self-oscillation filter
  • Separate contour generators for VCA and VCF
  • Keyboard force sensor
  • Digital Ring Modulator
  • 44 note polyphonic oscillator bank
  • Neck controls for pitch bend, filter cutoff, force sensor, modulation, glide and volume
  • External synthesizer interface – 1 volt/octave output (includes pitch bend, keyboard, modulations, force)
  • S-trigger
  • On-Off Switch
  • 40’ Interconnect cable
  • XLR connectors for durability
  • Interface box can be rack mounted or used free standing
  • Sample & Hold
  • LED indicates modulation rate
  • LED indicates trigger

Tickets for the raffle are $20 each and can be purchased through the Moog Foundation site.

9 thoughts on “Moog Foundation Spring Raffle Features Vintage Moog Liberation Synthesizer

  1. I’m starting a Kickstarter campaign so that I can purchase all of the tickets. Being one of a limited # of people who can use this type of keyboard well, this must be mine. 🙂

    1. OK, but what would everyone else GET from your Kickstarter? I think it would take more than the sight of your smiling face to get people to contribute. I think you are on the right track, though.

  2. I wanna win this so that I can audition for the Cameo reunion tour……..Word up bro!
    However I would still have to shop around for a codpiece!

    1. Your brother, your sister, and your momma too.
      Tell me what’s the word, uh word up.

      That has to be the worst sounding vocal of any hit song ever. Nevertheless, it works with the song.

  3. Whoa. Looking at the font and sliders on the panel of that thing reminds me of my old Moog Opus 3, aka, my first synthesizer.

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