Audreio Streams Audio Wirelessly Between Mac, iOS


Audreio has announced Audreio AU, a new Audio Unit plug-in for streaming audio between iOS and Macs. 

Audreio has an existing iOS app for streaming audio wirelessly. The new AU version lets you connect systems in any combination: iOS to plug-in, plug-in to iOS, iOS to iOS, plug-in to plug-in.

Audreio AU is an Audio Unit plug-in compatible with DAWs such as Logic, Live, Studio One, and Digital Performer, designed to stream full-bandwidth audio to devices on the same network. Audreio will automatically handle any sample rate and channel count differences between projects.

Pricing and Availability:

Audreio AU is expected to ship by mid-April. Audreio AU now for $14.95. Audreio AU will cost $19.95 when released in the second week of April. See the Audreio site for details.

8 thoughts on “Audreio Streams Audio Wirelessly Between Mac, iOS

    1. @misho, the latency depends on many things: sender buffer size, receiver buffer size, connected via cable or wireless, your router’s capabilities, how far you are from the router, etc.
      That’s why instead, we have a slider that allows you to adjust the latency up and down at the expense of audio quality.

  1. They make no mention of *how* this wireless connection is made…wifi (the latency would be pretty high, I suspect)? bluetooth (would be tolerable and probably usable)?

    So, in checking out their site, they are developing a proprietary wireless technology…hmm.

  2. My opinion:
    I think that in 4/5 situations there would be a single musician/performer, operating their gear within arms reach. So cable connections would be satisfactory and the most efficient in terms of minimum latency.
    The other 1/5 situations would be where 2 or more artists are colaborating on projects, each with their own ‘satellite’ pods of gear. This is where wireless connectivity would be useful to link them together or in to a central hub PC.

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