Alessandro Cortini Interview – In The Synth Cave

This video, via sonicstate, features an interview with synthesist Alessandro Cortini (SONOIO, NIN, Modwheelmood), in his fantastic synth studio. 

Here’s what host Nick Batt has to say about the interview:

We got to visit master synthesist and Nine Inch Nails collaborator and live performer at his home studio. It was an amazing place, stuffed full of beautiful rarities. What follows is the first part of our chat.

8 thoughts on “Alessandro Cortini Interview – In The Synth Cave

  1. Love that Alessandro shouts out Big City Music! That place is loaded with modulars and rare synths—and it’s where I bought my Octatrack! Anyone in the Los Angeles area owes themselves a trip to this strange, wonderful little shop.

  2. Good stuff, kinda reminds me of Aphex twin or something, that love of experimental but (often) melodic noodling

  3. Wow. At last, a synthesizer interview with a really high signal-to-noise ratio! Both Batt and Cortini keep the content light but focussed – no fatuous questions, vague answers or complete silence from the instruments. Top marks for this – can’t wait for part two. Kudos to all involved.

  4. HAL 9000 screensaver and black monolith diffusers on the walls. I see what you did there. How’s that new AE-35 unit holding up?

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