Versus Controller Introduction

Faderfox and Glanzmann DDS have introduced the VERSUS controller, a collaboration between Magda and NYMA.

The functions of the VERSUS controller are aimed at bridging the gap between live and DJ performances, at maximizing creative possibilities and at making the process as smooth and practical as possible.

Features include: a uniquely laid-out ‘V Section’, 32 fader commands, versatile MIDI integration and a solid aluminum design.


Hardware Specifications:

  • 4 Potentiometer FX
  • 8 Fader FX
  • 8 Push Encoder Browser, Tree & Favorite, Seek & Play, Loop Size, Loop Move
  • 64 Push buttons with double-functions (shift button)
  • 92 LEDs different colors to display various informations
  • Rubber knobs for best tactile feeling
  • 3 Displays Master Clock, Loop Size
  • 1 Jack input for expression pedals
  • 1 DIN Input / Output Midi and Power supply (link)
  • 1 DIN Output Midi
  • 268 Midi commands
  • USB bus powering power supply via USB, consumption less than 200mA
  • USB interface class compliant, no driver necessary

Software Specifications:

Special controller for DJ Software (optimised for Native Instruments, Traktor Pro 2)
Setup Files for Traktor Pro 2 in current Version 2.5.0 or higher
Indication of each relevant state by feedback data from software
System mode for different basic settings and external midi programming


1500 € excl. MwSt / VAT

The developers note:

This piece of gear is not meant to be mass produced at this time. Our idea was to build a high-quality controller for our own use without cutting any corners. By letting the controller grow we decided to make it accessible to others. Each unit is hand made in Switzerland and Germany by Faderfox and Glanzmann DDS. For these reasons, the cost of materials and production is high. This is a product done purely out of love and not for profit.

19 thoughts on “Versus Controller Introduction

    1. Seems like a perfect price for a hand built custom controller. As a Buchla, Moog, Korg, etc owner, I spend that on a module or keyboard. DJs should have access to high-quality gear too and maybe this will serve someone’s needs. It’s not designed for everyone.

  1. 1,500 euros…. LOL

    Just get a Kontrol S8 and carry it in rugged case, this one still needs an audio interface

    1. Yeah …and then instead of buying some limited edition exclusive champagne , I can just add cheap tesco wine to lemonade and it’ll be the same hahahah fuckin genius……hmm

  2. As a graphic designer, if I were to build a 100 page catalog for the company I work for and they requested that only 1 be printed, that print job could cost over $100 dollars. If they requested 100 be printed, it would cost around $50 each. If they requested 1000 be printed, it would cost around $8 each – 10,000 would be closer to $5, and 50,000 around/less $2.50 each. Regardless of what industry you’re in, the quantity produced plays a huge roll in the cost of a product. The cost difference between 100 potentiometers and 100,000 can be significant. Take the 100’s of other parts that make up this product and you can begin to see how it can adds up fast. I recall Elektron’s first product, Sidstation, being pretty dang expensive for what it was. Yet that product paved the way for what many enjoy today. It’s not easy, but I applaude a company willing to try and be a David amongst the Goliaths. Who knows where that will lead.

  3. I don’t have an issue with the cost per se. “Our idea was to build a high-quality controller for our own use without cutting any corners.” – but that is what you are paying 1500 euro for, a high-quality controller designed perfectly for someone else’s needs, I’ll wait for the Faderfox Chocolate Teapot (Faderfox CP-1), as I may find that more useful.

  4. It’s got no screen so how can you use it and ‘never’ look at the laptop. How do you know what track you are selecting?

  5. Hmm well..I’m not a NI fanboy although I use their product X1 controller (when) I play mp3s and I am a big fan of magda both as a producer and a dj…with that.. faderfox looks like she said – old school and I’m sure it’s cool to use it. the statement of not looking at the screen hmm well that’s another story… how do you know what you’re playing?…all in all $1500 ouch that’s more than a solid mixer ah zone 91 for example..with the new NI controller that’s coming out this will be really for a very very selected crowd

  6. My biggest gripe with this is the following:

    People always complain about laptop dj’s looking at their screens but one thing that has always blown my mind is ok, so you don’t want to look at the laptop screen but you are using cdjs looking at the screen on that to change/select tracks or looking at the mixer or looking at your platter to get that needle on the right spot. Am I missing something here? Am I expected to be superman dj and have Eye contact with the crowd for 1 entire hour? TELL ME WHAT TO DO. anyways, Basically same fucking thing no matter what you use.
    I use all mediums at this point, you will always have to look at something. Be it a 15′ laptop screen or a 5 inch LCD. Personally I prefer looking at a laptop because my eyes aren’t so good and it makes everything a lot bigger. Just my 2 cents and personal opinion, doesn’t mean anything, just putting it out there.

  7. I have the chance to build some costume made controllers. You can buy some parts and merge everything with arduino or i-cubex inside a costume made plastic case made on low cost 3D printer for prototyping. With those $1500 you can built something really good and interesting. It looks well made but don’t looks original o innovative.

  8. Tell you what happened here.. Magda wanted to have a non NI midi controller. She knocked on faderfox door and said “hey dudes need a controller or 2, you can put my name on it give me 20% off sales and carry on”.. The End

  9. I like it.. looks interesting.. but I don’t think the video really sells me on it.. I started out not even knowing it was a Tracktor controller.. and just wondering how it would itegrate with whatever it would integrate with… and that was sorta the big question for me… and at the end I don’t know how it integrates with Tracktor.. so I guess maybe I need to see more videos

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