Korg Intros Havian 30 Digital Ensemble Piano At Musikmesse 2015


At Musikmesse 2015, being held April 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany, Korg is introducing the Havian 30 Digital Ensemble Piano.

The Havian 30 provides classic grand, upright and electric piano sounds, plus a collection of additional musical instrument sounds.

Here’s the official video intro:

The Korg Havian 30 88-Note Digital Ensemble Piano

The Korg Havian 30 88-Note Digital Ensemble Piano features sounds ranging from a classic grand piano to honky-tonk, as well as an extensive selection of electric pianos.


The keyboard features a 5” TFT colour TouchView display. By using touch, you can edit and control parameters of instruments, or just generally control the Havian 30.

The Havian 30 also supports MIDI and MP3 formats, and both formats can be used for recording. The fully-featured sequencer allows you to record MIDI songs, and with a quick hit of the Styles button, you can record your real time performances. When playing MIDI data, things such as lyrics and chords that might be attached will be shown on the display. Everything played can be also easily recorded and saved as an MP3 file for playback.

The USB ports allow players to connect to any external storage device, computer, smartphone or tablet without any need for a dedicated MIDI interface.

Here are Korg’s official demo songs for the Havian 30:


  • Digital Ensemble Piano
  • 88 weighted, European hammer-action keys
  • 128 voices from stereo grand piano, stereo upright piano and drum kits
  • 5” TFT colour TouchView display and straightforward control panel
  • Auto-accompaniment section with a complete style library covering all genres
  • MIDI/MP3 play and record
  • Limiter and 4 band Parametric EQ
  • Rich, powerful 25W stereo speaker system
  • Headphones output
  • USB 2.0 Port

Pricing and Availability. The Korg Havian 30 digital ensemble piano is expected to ship Summer 2015. Suggested retail price will be $1499 US with an optional $149.99 stand.

11 thoughts on “Korg Intros Havian 30 Digital Ensemble Piano At Musikmesse 2015

  1. “This is an instrument like no other…”. Wrong – it’s just an arranger piano very much like past products from Korg and others. One thing has me stumped – is that some kind of pitch bend/mod lever on the left side of the top panel? I hope so – if you’re going to feature guitars and horns it helps to have a pitch bend and mod control, and many 88-notes arrangers do not.

    1. Px-5s has pitch bend and modulation wheels, and is probably a lot better as a synthesizer as this arranger…for roughly half the price as well!

      And it is amazing master keyboard as well.

  2. Well done Korg!!!
    For many home musicians and students I believe this is the ticket to go
    I’d agree that maybe is not a product for the average synthtopia’s visitor

  3. To me it seems like a PA300 with Piano Keys, a chord sequencer, upgraded speakers and without the pads. Design is absolutely the best with wood panels and the red stripe.

  4. Korg obviously has a niche in the market in mind. I make my living with music, though i would not use this on the job, it might be nice at home to play on because it fills a gap between my Kronos and my acoustic piano at home . I can just play for me, but if inspiration hits well this set up keeps it simple. Yamaha, Roland and Kawai all have a “home” version of their piano/synths which all seem to fall short of what a professional would like to have on a whim of inspiration. Though not for all musicians this could be a pleasure for some.

  5. Can you still get sound through the on-board speakers when changing the phones/line out to be a line out to send to a mixer? Would love to be able to still hear the built in speakers for piano monitor while sending a direct signal to the mixer for front of house mixing.

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