17 thoughts on “The Iconic Sounds Of Synthesis: Pink Floyd’s ‘Welcome To The Machine Lead’

      1. Banners usually have a close button. Also there are things you can run that can minimize overlay interference if it becomes too much of a hassle. This is a democracy. Vote with your applications.

  1. Why bother making the patch and then not finishing by playing a bit of the tune it is supposed to be from? Ridiculous.

    1. Maybe you’re here to collect downvotes for charity?

      Anyway, you don’t need to be a fan to mildly appreciate a band like Pink Floyd. Some of their stuff is a tough go, but a synth person should enjoy hearing classic key gear in its natural habitat, played by a virtuoso.

      Personally, I like the earliest stuff best, when they were quaint British acid rock with loads of Farfisa organ, feedback, and tape delay. I like them less as things Prog Up and get depressing. The Wall era is totally impenetrable for me, my ears just slide right off it. But the Welcome to the Machine/Wish You Were Here era is a consensus. Lots of synth.

      And Dark Side is a genuine humanist masterpiece with that great VCS arp.

      1. Just because I don’t like Pink Floyd doesn’t mean that you have to be mean. I clicked on the article for whatever reason, and I soon realized that I wasn’t interested in it. But hey, if it makes you feel better to be mean to others, go right ahead and be mean to me.

    2. What’s wrong with attention seeking? Who doesn’t love attention? It’s great. :3 But you are doing it totally wrong way mate. The one who don’t care actually doesn’t care posting the comment her either. They just close the damn tab and leave the site silently. But not you mate not you 😐 . You can say you were redirected misleading in here but still it’s totally not the way to seek attention. Oh and the irony! You got my attention. You socko!!! 😉

  2. Close although the LFO frequency via mod should be a bit faster. Last time I checked the song also had a lot of VCS3 on some sweeps. It is an easy patch althogh the Moog gives it character not sure the BS2 can capture exactly in the same way ( BS2 is a awesome synth..)

    1. Yes, the BSII’s filter isn’t a Moog, that’s for sure. It sounds more Rolandy to my ears. But you can still get a result that sounds about right in context of a live cover version. Better than some random stage piano’s Moog Solo preset.

  3. Any halfway decent MiniMoog owner should be able to get close to those iconic sounds with a little woodshedding; why else buy one? Also, its not the settings that do it; its the song and Richard Wright’s playing style. Naysaying Floyd is pointless. If nothing else, listen to a few of their works, such as “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” and get a liberal education in what superior production sounds like. I was never a big New Age wonk, but Andreas Vollenweider’s harp albums stood out in sonic 3-D. Playing synth is almost a subset of playing the studio. Raise AND lower your various standards once in a while. Once I turned that corner, I started having a lot more fun.

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