Arvo Pärt’s ‘Solfeggio’, Arranged For Synthesizer

This video, via DreamsOfWires, features an arrangement of classical composer Arvo Pärt’s Solfeggio.

Solfeggio was originally written for a cappella choir. In this arrangement , it is performed using a Dave Smith Instruments Tetra synthesizer. 

The Tetra’s four voices are recorded individually, so that they could be given their own pan & reverb settings.

9 thoughts on “Arvo Pärt’s ‘Solfeggio’, Arranged For Synthesizer

  1. it doesn’t work musically, but the idea is good. With better synth sounds it could get interesting.

    To replace human voices with synths is rather difficult, but not impossible if well done. Although I’m not aware of any example worth mentioning. Still it may be possible to make it musically interesting.

  2. Makes me want to get my hands on some sheet music for four-part madrigal pieces. Synths can be fantastic at filling the same niche as a voice, even though actually emulating a voice requires such complex hardware.

  3. If you take both this version and the Dark Energy version and play them together, it’s extra thick and really fantastic.

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