Modal 008 Analog Polysynth First Look

Musikmesse 2015: Modal Electronics today introduced the Modal 008, an 8-voice, 16-VCO and 16-sub-oscillator analog monster synth, scheduled to be released Summer 2015.

Here’s a quick look at the new Modal 008, via sonicstate.


The Modal 008 offers 100% analog VCOs, 16 multi-mode filters, two LFOs, fast envelopes, extensive modulation options and more.

Pricing and Availability:

Modal Electronics’ 008 is expected to begin shipping Summer 2015 at a suggested retail price of $5495 US. For more information, product specs, and dealer locations, check out the Modal Electronics website.


14 thoughts on “Modal 008 Analog Polysynth First Look

    1. An Andromeda has twice the voices at half the price (looking at going prices in eBay.) You can program the 008 from a web page. I am not sure I would consider that a $2000 feature. I also do not think the Dave Smith Prophet 08 or Prophet 6 need to worry. The 008 is very nice, but only the court of public opinion will determine if it is $5500-6000 nice. I know if I had that kind of money I would… well, I would be paying bills with it. But I would think about an Andromeda.

  1. please hire people who can play keyboard to do demos!

    and tho it looks like Andromeda, the choice of filters heavily differentiates each synth. They wouldn’t be looking to replicate Andromeda’s strange sound just for the sake of it, they’d be putting theirs onto a different sound character (ideally). Andromeda and most similar synths had loads of problems anyway so there is always going to be a usurper we’re waiting for.

  2. yeah, as much as I lust(ed) after the Andromeda, I heard soooo many complain of issues that it scared me away from (almost) purchasing.

    1. I have an Andromeda and it blows away a Jupiter 6 a friend of mine has. I keep hearing that Andromedas are problematic. My experience with this synth is totally different. It works perfectly.

  3. All the demos I’ve heard for both the 002 and the 008 are complete let downs, considering the price of these units. You can get an awful lot of synth power elsewhere for the same asking price of an 008; the list is too long to mention here.
    Being English I should be supporting this product, but by the same token I know how bloody expensive everything is in this rip-off nation…not just to buy, but to manufacture also.

  4. What this is to me, is a modular polysynth. I will not be able to afford anything like this for some time to come, but I imagine this will be a nice vintage option available. But by then there will probably be some even more amazing modular analog poly monstrosity out there that i will be lusting after more.

  5. As a former A6 owner I can say it was in no way the white whale, I was pleased to let it go, and I haven’t missed it. Almost every analog synth I’ve ever owned had a prettier sound and more pleasing filters than the A6. Good luck, 008.

  6. Big keyboard synth with tons of functions and knobs, all with the best available analogue technology and built in small series = its never gonna be cheap. The A6 had the Alesis large company muscle behind it to press its price down to 30.000Euros. Compare with the price of the Schmidt synthesizer, which is of course even more advanced than the 008, but nevertheless of the similar breed of big analogue polysynths.

    I hope Modal sort out any theething troubles and will have a hit with the 008.

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