Antresol Recreates Classic Analog BBD Flanger Effects


D16 Group has announced Antresol – a flanger effect, inspired by classic 70’s impulse-controlled, solid-state analog delay line (BBD) flanger effects.

Here’s what they have to say about Antresol:

The original, conceived in the mid-70s, quickly became a benchmark for flanger-type effects by offering a uniquely rich character defined by luxuriously harmonious interacting resonances, and has been heard ever since on countless classic recordings.

Antresol’s users can also enjoy absolute freedom of control over every aspect of the BBD-based delay line (including such nuances as calibration of the linearity of the clocking system or the number of analog memory cells constituting the backbone of the BBD). Fashioning a flanger sound that is uniquely you yet retains all the richness and warmth afforded by the original, classic circuit design has never been easier!

In addition to the standard parameter knobs found on the face of the original unit, there is also a wide range of deeper parameters available to tweak, such the on-PCB trimpots which would normally be inaccessible without taking the stompbox apart. Some even go far beyond those you could find in common flanger-type effects: a fully controllable LFO (with adjustable phase and rate sync to a host applicationā€™s tempo); the ability to delink the stereo channels and control the most important parameters independently for left and right (or mid/side, depending on selected mode), and more. Try the demo today and see where your imagination takes you!

Here are the official audio demos:


  • True emulation of BBD based analog delay line
  • Optional independent parameter control for each stereo channel
  • Selectable L/R or M/S stereo processing modes
  • Mistress mode allows the whole unit to work the same as the classic flanger
  • LFO can be synchronized with your host application
  • 3 different LFO-to-BBD clock curves
  • Ultra-low aliasing output
  • Highly musical and pleasant sound
  • Tag-based browser
  • MIDI-learn functionality throughout
  • 64bit internal processing

Pricing and availability for Antresol are to be announced. See the D16 site for more info.

12 thoughts on “Antresol Recreates Classic Analog BBD Flanger Effects

  1. As a flanger freak/collector…nothing…but seriously nothing get close to the BBD CI’s Behavior…there are really good cheap analogue flangers out there… but again that is only my humble opinion

  2. Had to read through lots of hype before they let on this was software!
    Would be great to see a site for hardware and one for software, as much as I would like all the time in the world to check music tech online. It is frustrating reading misleading adverts . A column for software and one for hardware would help or at least the the title SOFTWARE product would be nice in the title. The rendered pics are comical.

    1. A lot of people judge tools by what they can do and how they sound, instead of based on hardware/software preconceptions.

      The 3D renderings that software companies do, though, always make me think that they have certain insecurities…..

      1. I’m pretty sure that one day, they will start to build hardware mockups of their software products and have professional photographers take press shots.

        Also, they will bring these mockups to NAMM and Messe to promote their plugins, carefully hidden inside a computer in the booth.

        I love great software plugins but they really need to stop being apologetic about it. Stop the glitzy renderings. I don’t need Moog-style or machined aluminum knobs to tweak parameters on my computer! šŸ™

      2. ‘A lot of people judge tools by what they can do and how they sound, instead of based on hardware/software preconceptions.’
        I found this statement really comical rather than patronizing. I have 30 years experience of music tech. I am yet to be convinced of any software other than a midi sequencer (that is less stable now than it was on an atari. 20 years ago) I am always amused when I am told software is great and I should look at it seriously . YAWN, YAWN, YAWN.
        There is an unprecedented amount of hardware coming onto the market , that seems rather at odds with the idea software emulations are really good
        I do not have to take software seriously or software users evangelical take on it seriously.
        Software and sonic credibility , or product longevity don’t seem to work for me. Congratulations if it does for you .

  3. here is an idea for effect demo, feed it a simple tone, then have someone tweak its knobs all to hell.
    taking some ok music and putting into a box,,what is the reference?

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