Aodyo Intros Sylphyo Wind Instrument Controller


At Musikmesse 2015, Aodyo introduced the Sylphyo – a new wind instrument MIDI controller. 

The Sylphyo is designed to be a compact, expressive wind controller. Here’s a video overview from Musikmesse, via Sound On Sound:

Aodyo expects the Sylphyo wind instrument controller to be available around the first of next year, priced at 700-800 Euros. Details are to come at the Aodyo site.

18 thoughts on “Aodyo Intros Sylphyo Wind Instrument Controller

  1. Looks quite promising. They could use more skillful demo action.

    Also, seems a shame they didn’t include a bite/lip pressure sensor. Seems more useful than a gyro, IMHO.

  2. Before investing, I would like to hear the full range of expression possible with different timbres of instrument.

    1. We tried it already using a doepfer A190 MIDI to CV interface to drive the Mutable Instruments Elements and the results sounds quite promising …
      We look forward to be able to test it also with Expert Sleepers Fader Host FH-1 USB MIDI Host which would allow us to drive more than one signal…

  3. If you’re a bit hesitant to drop 800 euros on this; don’t be – you’ll look cool as shit doing your electro “Baker Street” sax solo.

    1. Whoops, was answering the wrong question…

      Obviously, I can’t provide an unbiased comparison, but as early adopters have received their units maybe one of them can make a video about it.

    1. Current fingering is actually flute recorder fingering with both modern and baroque fingering available simultaneously. Beside, we added a #key available on the left hand little finger that can had a semitone to any fingering (inspired from what is available on some fingering on the sax or clarinette).
      Other fingering inspired from sax, clarinette and flute will also be available and we are also working on some other.

  4. This looks like the exact midi controller I have been waiting for for the last 20 years. As a recorder player, the other electronic wind instruments that are more geared towards sax/clarinet players don’t look or feel right to me, but this looks perfect and seems to have the right kind of breath control to feel realistic to play too. I’m looking forward to when you start selling them.

  5. So, in comparison to an ewi…

    Wireless Midi – very cool
    Light weight – a matter of taste
    No bite sensor – boo!
    Movement sensor – a bit strange – Are we going to look like Indian snake charmers?
    3 octaves, as far as I could tell – same as USB EWI, less than EWI5000
    no onboard sounds – er ok

    Overall, it looks a bit overpriced. Wireless midi is great but can be added easily enough to an ewi5000 which weighs in at about the same prices with a lot more stuff. It is more like a USB EWI + wireless for twice the price.

    1. I appreciate your comparison to the EWI, but you may have overlooked the Sylphyo’s breath sensor, which provides a much more natural feel and a wide range of control (see for a quick demo). Also, note that the instrument can be configured to play over 5 octaves.

      In fact, if you happen to hang out at Musikmesse this week come and meet us (Hall 9.1, stand B26), we’d be thrilled to get your impressions on the Sylphyo.

      On the limitations you highlighted, well, a lot happens to be already in development or on the roadmap.

      The mouthpiece is currently very simple, but a separate active mouthpiece with a ton of sensors will be available for the Sylphyo near Q4 2016 or Q1 2017. I won’t discuss the details at this point but we aim for something that more closely resembles acoustic wind instruments.

      There are no onboard sounds yet, but we’re currently working hard on it. We plan to release an onboard synth this year.

      As for the super-pro vaporizer option, I’m afraid this hasn’t been yet approved by the team ;).

      Our aim with the Sylphyo is to offer a solid base that can be expanded for the years to come. The current Sylphyo is already equipped to receive these future updates, so existing customers can just buy hardware upgrades without having to replace their existing model.

      And, of course, there are free software updates that bring new features and improvements over time. BTW, we’re currently beta-testing a software update that provides new sax/clarinet/oboe/EVI/… fingerings. Also, further updates will hopefully demonstrate more compelling uses of the included motion sensor than snake charming :).

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