8 thoughts on “Jordan Rudess Checks Out BIAS FX (Sneak Preview)

  1. This will also be available for OSX/Windows as a companion to Bias Desktop. I’m looking forward to it. Bias is a great guitar amp program but lacks FX, which this will provide.

    1. Admin: Socko, anytime you trash somebody’s appearance, it’s a personal attack. It’s off-topic and doesn’t add anything to the discussion of music & synths.

      Please keep your comments on topic and constructive.

  2. It’s a little unclear, but it seems like this is the cross-platform version of JamUp perhaps with some expanded routing and processing options. As someone who bought BIAS, and bought JamUp Pro, and bought quite a few of the IAPs, I find this a little annoying. They haven’t gone into any details about how this product compares (apart from the cross compatibility & cloud sharing stuff). It might have been better to just continue to develop JamUp Pro into this– or at least offer some kind of cross-grade pricing.

    If there is an upgrade price structure let us know here. I didn’t see that anywhere.

  3. Agreed…. this is some pretty fuzzy marketing around the product. I guess it’s the pedal board from jam up, but with preset exports or something? And WTF would I want effects in a guitar pedal format instead of something more usable?

  4. What did Socko say? I’d like to know what the stink is about.
    If it’s about Rudess’s appearance, we all probably know what that’s about.

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