Chris Stack’s Xenography

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Synthesist and music writer (Experimental Synth) Chris Stack has a new album out, Xenography, that explores creative synthesis and electronics, combined with traditional instruments. 

Here’s Stack’s video introduction to the album:

Technical Details:

Created with Logic Pro X. All pianos are software or Yamaha MO8. Rhythms in tracks 1, 3 and 5 were created with Ableton Live.

Additional instruments include:

  • Swamp and Circumstance – Moog Guitar, Nylon String Guitar
  • The Last Wolf on Hokkaido – Shakuhachi, Moog Guitar, my (processed) voice
  • Hokkaido :: Last Wolf Remix – Shakuhachi
  • Xenography – Moog Guitar
  • Lamentation 1 & 2 – made entirely from my (processed) voice (TC-Helicon Voiceworks, Eventide H9 and Logic effects)
  • Açaí Moon – Alina Quu’s voice, processed by TC-Helicon Voiceworks and Logic effects
  • Toward Aphelion – Nylon String Guitar, my processed voice
  • Reaching Aleppo – Sally Sparks – Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2, Haken Continuum, Piano (Pianoteq)Chris Stack – Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2, Moog Voyager & Animoog
  • Twilight Greeting – Sally Sparks – Haken Continuum, Korg WaveDrum, Piano :: Greg Waltzer – Synthesizer, Flute :: Chris Stack – Moog Guitar, Ableton processing and soft synths

You can preview Chris Stack’s Xenography above or purchase it via Bandcamp.

6 thoughts on “Chris Stack’s Xenography

  1. Masterful Work. I was blown away by this. The degree of professionalism was outstanding. The very best of this genre of music. Keep up the great work Chris. Your facebook page is very extensive. How in the world did you manage to amass the collection of synths?

    1. Thanks so much. I’m blown away by your comment. In making this album (my first), my main goal was to make music I like. I’m very gratified to find that others are really connecting with it. I’ve been getting some good feedback and will continue to create.

      Regarding my instruments… I started pretty young, and have been alive a long time 😉 Also, I was marketing manager at Moog for a few years. I had a good collection when I started and picked up a few more while I was there (and since).

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