Pulp Logic Intros 1U Cyclic Skew Module

cyclic skewPulp Logic shared a new video, embedded below, introducing their 1U Cyclic Skew module.

The Cyclic-Skew is a basic modulation source, in the 1U tile format.

It has two modes of operation: cycle mode and Envelope mode, which are set by the toggle switch on the front panel.

  • In cycle mode it operates as a variable shape LFO where you can set the Rate and the Skew. It has similar operation and range as the LFO in the Korg MS-20. Unlike the Korg LFO, the Cyclic Skew has the ability to reset the LFO on an external trigger event.
  • In Envelope mode the Trigger input produces a single envelope each time it receives a trigger or gate signal. If a new trigger occurs before the envelope completes a reset takes place and the envelope with restart from the bottom of the cycle.

On the back of the tile is a pair of Dip switches for setting the output to either Un-ipolar or Bi-polar and for setting the output level.

The Cyclic Skew is priced at US $45. See the Pulp Logic site for details.

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  1. I didn’t even realize Pulp Logic had an Etsy store! I’ve been waiting for their modules to come back in stock at Erthenvar,

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