Roland System 1M Ver. 1.20 Update Brings Additional Waveform Options

This unofficial video demo, via zibbybone, takes a look at 1.20 update for the Roland AIRA System-1m Eurorack module.

The System-1m update expands the memory banks from 8 to 64 and brings new waveform options. 

System-1 version 1.20 is a free download from the Roland site.

Video summary:

One of the things that sold me on buying the Sys1M was the 1.20 update for the Sys1 keyboard synth with its additional waveforms. I was a bit disappointed when I received the Sys1M and learned the 1.20 update for the Sys1 keyboard was not compatible with the module.

Fortunately, Roland released the update only 2 weeks after the module became available. Version 1.20 also expands the patch memory from 8 patches to 64 (8 banks of 8 patch slots). So here are more goodies you get to enjoy with the System 1M!

9 thoughts on “Roland System 1M Ver. 1.20 Update Brings Additional Waveform Options

      1. can’t catch a break…isn’t the majority of popular music made digitally anyways? sure, analog is fantastic…but digital can do the job just as well

        1. Well you have to be in front of one listening to it in person and know where to take the thing sonics-wise, messing with the filters and such in a half intelligent way to understand the differences, how far you have to push to achieve rendering those differences audibly and, given that, that the Aira stuff sounds excellent.

          Now if anyone making judgements based on the quality of compressed internet audio and demo song genre choice of the presenters then may I suggest searching for a module with the largest library of factory presets or a taking a class on digital-tolerance and awareness.

  1. how about 8 voice poly mode, using 1 less oscillator per voice

    Im not sure why they limit it to 4 voices when they could have different waveforms/oscillators as an option that can take up less dsp resources

    actually on 2nd thought its the filter per voice too, and perhaps the vca’s are analog modeled, so its probably not even doable

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