Seattle Symphony Debuts New Work For Orchestra & Kinect-Controlled Music Robots


The Seattle Symphony (Music Director Ludovic Morlot) recently premiered Above, Below, and In Between, a commission and site-specific composition by sculptor, sound artist and composer Trimpin.

Above, Below, and In Between is a sculpture and musical composition for small orchestra, soprano voice, prepared piano, kinetic instruments and gesture-controlled conducting.

The piece was created in partnership with Microsoft. Here’s the official video overview:

About Above, Below, and In Between:

  • The kinetic instrument installation consists of a 24-reedhorn sculpture, made with materials found from a pump organ, and a set of concert chimes
  • A prepared grand piano is equipped with small robotic devices, that pluck, bow, scratch or play the strings
  • A Kinect is used to control the ‘performance’ of the music robots.

via Microsoft, Seattle Symphony

3 thoughts on “Seattle Symphony Debuts New Work For Orchestra & Kinect-Controlled Music Robots

  1. Sooooo… some people talking about how special this stuff is, but no example of the music? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… it’s because motion control offers nothing you can’t already do better with physical controllers. Once the wow factor wears off, you are left with the music standing for itself.

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