nLab Synthesis Intros Monolite Poly K Synthesizer For Reaktor


nLab Synthesis has introduced Monolite Poly K synthesizer for Reaktor, described as ‘the ultimate evolution of the Monolite synth family’.

According to the company, the new synth is ideal for experimental, noise, ambient and fx sound designers, thanks to Monolite Poly K’s extensive sonic capabilities.

Here is the official video intro:


  • Monophonic/Polyphonic/Drone Play Mode for extreme flexibilty
  • 4 dependent Oscillators, 2 Post Oscillators Clipping mode plus a Tone Cut Filter to create unique timbres
  • Pre-Filter Grainer unit for granular processing
  • Pre-Filter Fx unit with 17 different effects with automizable X-Y pad controller
  • 4 Filter Mode (LP 4, HP 2, BP 2, LP 3 + Notch) with Envelope Amount and Keyboard tracking
  • 2 Clockable LFOs with different waveforms (Sine, Tri, Pulse, Random, Random Hold)
  • 4 Modulation Slots to allows a wide range of sonic sculpting
  • 2 ADSR Envelope (Amp Envelope and Env 2) with Velocity and Glide function
  • Crush Effect
  • High Quality Reverb and Delay with two routing options
  • Two-Knob Master Equalizer
  • Simple interface with superb Waveform Display

Here is an audio demo of Monolite Poly K:

Note: NI Reaktor 5.9.2 (Full Version) required. The ensemble doesn’t work with the Free Reaktor Player.

Monolite Poly K is available now for 14 Euro.

5 thoughts on “nLab Synthesis Intros Monolite Poly K Synthesizer For Reaktor

    1. One man’s bad acid is another man’s awesomely strange experience 🙂 I usually just use Paulstretch and then manipulate grains in Live’s warp functions for this type of thing, or use Polygon (my secret weapon).

    1. Monolite is a step above most of the free ensembles. Good presets, nice UI, interesting sound and a demo video. Small price to pay for something like this.

  1. There is indeed lots of cool stuff to explore in the user library. I have been surprised many times by the ensembles people contribute for free. I think those who are really interested in Reaktor will find it.

    I don’t mind paying some money for really good work. Twisted Tools comes to mind. I <3 their stuff.

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