Free Music Friday: New Music From Robert Rich

Robert-Rich_Hiding-In-Daylight_EPMoog Music this week released a free EP of music by synthesist Robert Rich.

The EP, Hiding In Daylight, was created to commemorate the retirement of the Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Edition (Voyager RME) analog synthesizer.

Hiding in Daylight is a 3-song EP, embedded below, of evolving soundscapes. Moog describes the EP as “a meditative exploration of organic analog sound, drawing on the rich tonal palette of the Minimoog Voyager RME.”

You can listen to or download the EP via the embed above or at the SoundCloud site.

One thought on “Free Music Friday: New Music From Robert Rich

  1. I suppose experimental electronica is intended to elicit a certain response from the listener (and curiosity from the synth programmer). I’ve heard enough of it and own SO MUCH of it, I should be accustomed to it by now…

    …but gurgling noises always remind me of an upset stomach. Gets me every time.

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