Tangible Control Of Modular Software With Percussa AudioCubes


Synthesist Mark Mosher is a fan of the Percussa AudioCubes and their potential as a tangible controller for MIDI software that’s also visually interesting.

AudioCubes are modular controllers, that can be used with MIDI and OSC, for live performance, sound design and more.

This video documents Mosher’s experiments with using Wireless AudioCubes, with MIDIBridge 3, to control the software modular U-He Ace.

Here’s what Mosher has to say about the video:

In this video I’m using Percussa’s wireless AudioCubes to change the cable patching of the U-HE ACE virtual analog synthesizer on-the-fly with no mouse.

The U-HE ACE synthesizer allows you to use MIDI CCs to map the source for any cable. Percussa MIDIBridge 3 for Wireless AudioCubes has a new “Topology” mode that allows you to send MIDI note trigger information, as well as distance data (MIDI CCs) at the same time for up to 16 cubes simultaneously!

This video shows some of my early tests and ideas for leveraging these features by pairing AudioCubes with ACE.

Of course these are baby steps for what is possible and these same techniques could be applied to other instruments – and even hardware instruments via MIDI or MIDI-to-CV.

4 thoughts on “Tangible Control Of Modular Software With Percussa AudioCubes

    1. You do know you can map any hardware with midi or osc capabilities to control any soft synth, right? Even ACE. Like the form factor for what it is, but don’t give these things magical new powers.

  1. Awesome that this can bring real time cable patching to soft synths! Makes ACE even more interesting in my opinion.

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