Moog Releases Another Animoog Update

animoog-ipadAfter a long period of slow development on Animoog, Moog Music is following a major performance release in May with another update.

Here’s what’s new in Animoog version 2.2.5:

  • Mapped controls now respond to MIDI when Animoog is in the background
  • Fixed MIDI input and output port selection sometimes tacitly picking another one
  • External pitch bend now behaves linearly across the pitch bend range
  • Pitch bend strip is more usable by reducing the sensitivity in the middle
  • Stability improvements of the 4-track recorder
  • The recording length of the basic recorder has been doubled
  • Invalid timbre files are marked and don’t cause crashes anymore
  • New installations now by default map CC64 to the Hold switch
  • Version number is now shown at the bottom of configuration screen
  • Improvement of in-app store layout
  • Overall stability improvements

Animoog is a professional polyphonic software synthesizer for iOS that features Moog’s Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE), which lets you create sounds that incorporate motion through an X/Y space of timbres.

Animoog is available for US $29.99 in the App Store.

2 thoughts on “Moog Releases Another Animoog Update

  1. There are certainly manufacturers/developers and apps that exploit IAPs to squeeze maximum dollars out, but I wouldn’t call Animoog one of them. I got it at its introduction for $5, have never spent more, and it’s frankly the coolest iOS sound module I have. even at $30 it’s reasonable.

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