Jean-Michel Jarre On His Collaboration With Edgar Froese & Tangerine Dream


This video features Jean-Michel Jarre discussing his upcoming collaboration with the late Edgar Froese & Tangerine Dream on a new EP, Zero Gravity:

Jarre plans to release a new studio album, later this year, which will feature the Froese/Tangerine Dream collaboration, along with collaborations with Gesaffelstein, M83 and 3D (Massive Attack).

10 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Jarre On His Collaboration With Edgar Froese & Tangerine Dream

  1. I have been lucky enough to see Jarre live a few times in relatively small venues(by his standards).
    Really stunning audio and visual experiences.
    Great to see the respect they have for each other. Inspite of Jarres success he does not seem to be arrogant.

    1. You should keep in mind that Edgar had a very serious accident from which it was extremely difficult to recover from …

  2. “electronic music was born in Germany and France”. Come on Mr Jarre, and the UK ? This is crass ignorance or snobbery.

  3. im not a huge fan of Jarre solo stuff, but i am fans of these various collaborators.. so im interested to hear it

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