Native Instruments Releases More Info On New ‘Stems’ Format

stem-creator-toolNative Instruments has released more info on its new Stems format – an open audio file format that basically contains four ‘stem’ tracks (for example – bass, drums, melody & vocals) along with the full mix. The format is designed to simplify live remixing of tracks, because it provides a standard way to deliver remix-friendly audio.

Here’s their video overview of Stem files:

Stem files use the .mp4 container format to store the four individual stems of a track within a single file. Using the file extension .stem.mp4, this single file can be managed just like an mp3 file.

A standard master version of the track is also included in the file and can even be played in stereo with any compatible audio player following standard mp4 specs, like iTunes for example. To play with a track’s individual stems, Stem-compatible software or hardware is required.

Native plans to make its Stem Creator Tool available as a free download later this summer. In the meantime, they’ve introduced a new site, Stems Music, as a repository for information on the new format.

11 thoughts on “Native Instruments Releases More Info On New ‘Stems’ Format

  1. Why only 4 stems? When I perform my own live sets, I use 5 stems. (“Sub bass”, “kick”, “drum”, “melody”, “icing”)

    For that matter, the open MOGG format (which I don’t use) allows unlimited stems.

    1. i imagine their new dj hardware will start having stems control sections, so youll be paying for that section of the controller even if u dont use stems, then they will incorperate “in app” purchases of stems thru tracktor, adding some bloat to the software side too.

      just a guess.

  2. A good Idea but 4 Stems are not enough and a other Point is it will change the way People mixdown their Tracks e.g.if you use Sidechainkompression on the Bassline it sounds crappy when the Bassline is played without the original Drums. Ok on the other Hand you can mixdown every Stem in a other way as you would do it for the Mastermix

  3. Most likely 4 stems is enough for the projected average consumer of this technology. A lot of dj loop based remixes I hear aren’t even in key with their vocals so I hope their is a sort by key option. If I was to use this product I would probably use the melody and drums section often.

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