9 thoughts on “cEvin Key Interview, On Skinny Puppy, Eurorack Modulars & More

        1. That’s a great album to work to. My introduction to Skinny Puppy was the Rabies album. When I was in high school, I borrowed this older girl’s car and Rabies was in the tape deck. Worlock came blaring on and I was instantly hooked, I had never heard anything like it. I returned the car, but not the tape :/. I have been a huge fan ever since and they are the reason that I got into synths and electronic music production. The music intrigued me that it was more based in sound patterns than what one would traditionally consider music theory. It felt accessible, yet simultaneously complex. I loved the feeling of a wall of sound enveloping me. Suddenly it seemed perfectly normal to compose distorted rhythms comprised of train engines and car crashes or whatever else I could think of. It was a revelation to know that I could make music out of anything.

          1. Rabies is great. There’s a lot of old Ministry inside that one for sure.

            Ballsy move ripping off a Skinny Puppy tape….wars have started over less.

  1. Key is my silent mentor. Love puppy, especially the stuff the process and before. My favorite industrial band, for that matter my favorite electronic band. The sound scapes that he and Dwayne created are so beautiful. Then Download came out and that whole cataloge really resonated with me. Key’s other projects like the Tear Garden and Plataeu are simply the best music ever made, especially a Music for Grass Bars and Music for Cats. Would love to run into Cevin some day.

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