5 thoughts on “Live Prophet 12 Synthesizer Performance

  1. The Prophet 12 is a great synth. I hope to own one some day.

    As for this being a live performance (to use poor grammar), it ain’t all live.

  2. That’s not just a full and engaging piece; it also shows off several aspects of the P-12 at once. It not only gives good Ambient, like most any synth can do, but I can hear its potential for other styles. You can give a Prophet patch a serious edge, but here, you get a good taste of its full/round side. You can hear its base voice well. You always hear some moaning about the audio quality in videos, but I listen on headphones for critical things and this demo didn’t have a blemish. I’m a serious proponent of laying hands to a new instrument before you buy it, but between Dave’s known high build quality and this kind of video, it makes it a lot easier to do a Hail Mary and buy some things unseen in person, like a P-12 or P-6. Classy work, Daniel.

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