Elektron Overbridge Overview

In this video, via Nova Musik, Elektron’s Devon Hughes demos the highly anticipated Overbridge, which is now in public beta. 

The following Overbridge features are available now:

  • CoreAudio / ASIO / WDM sound card functionality
  • Multi-tracking via single USB cable
  • Overbridge Control Panel
  • Analog Four / Keys plugins
  • VSTi plugin format
  • Parameter automation
  • Kit/Sound editing capabilities
  • Sequencing via DAW
  • Mac and Windows support

You can get Overbridge now at the Elektron site.

If you’ve used Elektron Overbridge, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

21 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge Overview

  1. Wow, the beta is a lot further along than one would be led to believe by reading the Elektronauts forum. Need to try for myself.

    Oh, and Cenk… looks like has some competition now! (great presentation!)

  2. Great technical demo but I hope to see a musical one very soon, because that audio I heard in this one was not really reassuring.

      1. I am often left scratching my head by individuals need to like the music in a demo in order to determine if the tools will be useful to them or not. To each their own.

  3. Its a bit of a bummer that the usb can only transmit 6 voices at a time, means a couple tracks on the Rytm will have to be muted at a time. Still better than having 6 1/4 going into a mixer or into your soundcard. Well done guys. look forward to the release with the Rytm support

    1. I’m hoping/guessing that’s per device. And they said full multi-tracking for rytm originally, so we’ll see.

    2. On AK/AF/AR you can do 6 channels out at 24bit and 8 channels out at 16bit. If your computer has separate USB busses (which most do), you can connect several devices and enjoy full USB bandwidth for EACH DEVICE 😀

  4. I’m still waiting for the editors for the Machinedrum and Mononachine. Something is telling me thought that I may still wait for a bit.

    1. I was wondering the same thing.

      I looked on their site and it summarizes the device as follows: “Welcome to Overbridge. The easy way in. Step into a world of vibrant analog sounds, vaster and closer than ever before. The immersive and thoroughly designed Overbridge environment encourages only what matters most. Creativity. Usability. Convenience. Immediacy. A brilliant and more personal sound. Enjoy a true breakthrough.”

      So… uh.

      1. It allows you to use an analog synth as if it were a soft synth plugin in your DAW. Sound of analog with the ease of using a plugin.

  5. Great! Works for me on Ableton 8, latest OS X. But, I do hit the red light after an hour or so. And a reset is likely to be required. Will have to get to the bottom of this. I dream of this on the iPad eventually. So there will be no need for Ableton etc.

  6. I wonder how it’ll work with DAWs that don’t allow multiple sound cards (Logic Pro X)? I guess I’ll still be able to use automation etc. but will have to go the old route of recording the RYTM through my interface?

  7. No need to set up an additional interface. The audio is pumped in through the plugin, so all you have to do is set it up as a multi-out plugin. You can also always use multiple sound cards in logic by setting up an aggregate device in audio/midi setup.

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