MeeBlip Anode Limited Edition Synth Features Updated Firmware


Peter Kirn has announced the MeeBlip Anode Limited Edition synthesizer – a new version of the hybrid digital/analog bassline synth.

The new version features version 2.0 firmware and defaults to wavetable oscillator mode.



The limited edition version differs from the original in these ways:

  • Dual envelopes. Amplitude and filter envelopes with easy-access knobs, right on the front panel
  • Wavetables, direct. anode’s most popular mode, now loaded by default, so you can dial in a range of ‘edgy and rich’ sounds
  • White case. 
  • Better sound performance. Updated firmware fine-tunes sound responsiveness
  • Limited Edition. Hand-numbered – only 250 units will be made

The Anode is Open source hardware. The synth comes fully assembled and ready to use, but users can learn from Anode by looking through the code and circuits, modifying how it works, or even creating their own instruments based on the design.

The Meeblip Anode Limited Edition is available now for US $139.95.

12 thoughts on “MeeBlip Anode Limited Edition Synth Features Updated Firmware

  1. The Anode is great. I wish there was a good sample online of all the wavetables and sounds for people to hear. I have e-mailed a bit with the creators and they said it was envisioned as a voice unit for a polysynth, which may come in the future. I really hope they get to that stage either themselves or in partnership with another synthmaker, for instance on a new hybrid synth of some kind like have been coming out.

    1. Would love to see that as well. Wonder what their cost is if they remove the knobs, I/O and case (and then added a single larger case, one set of knobs and one set of I/O)? Seems ripe for a four, six and eight voice version. At ~$130 per voice, seems like it could be extremely competitive.

      Since almost* every parameter of these are MIDI controllable, someone could hack up a poly version of this pretty easily using one of the poly->mono distributors out there and a single MIDI knob controller thing that was sent simultaneously to each unit (to say, control the filter of all of them at once). The controller would need to be able to send a single message to multiple channel numbers at once since the mono->poly distributor would need them all to be on different channels.

      * The resonance is the kink in this plan. It’s the only thing that isn’t MIDI controllable so would have to be hacked physically to single control.

      James? Peter? You guys have the units. Make a video to inspire the drool.

      1. yeah an interface controlled directly by a phone’s usb for instance would be an amazing customized interface for params and a sequencer. That’s the thing too with devices and midi being class-compliant or standardized or however you want to say it, any type of app used as sequencer and midi controller of any type and interface could control any piece of gear with the appropriate cord and slot to connect them.

        A little overflow port to connect multiple voice ‘boxes’ would work too, nice little cheap usb cords. tho that way you’d have to connect all the boxes to that many channels in a mixer first too ha. Anyway, some clever people will figure it all out within another few years or sooner I think… we’ll be in new synth box heaven soon if justice prevails. lots of creative little boxes and customizable interfaces of our own making for them.

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