Roger Linn Interview At GearFest 2015

This video, via SweetwaterSound, features an interview with electronic music instrument pioneer Roger Linn, who was appearing at GearFest 2015 for a panel discussion with Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim

Video Summary:

At GearFest ’15, synthesizer pioneer Roger Linn sat down with Mitch Gallagher to talk music and electronic instruments. Technical Grammy award-winner Roger Linn invented the LM-1 Drum Computer (the first sample-based drum machine) in 1979. He later designed the Akai MPC60, which combined a sampling drum machine with a real-time MIDI sequencer.

His guitar effects unit, AdrenaLinn, has been used on hit recordings by John Mayer and Red Hot Chili Peppers. In 2014 he released the LinnStrument, an expressive MIDI performance controller.

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  1. One of the 3 patron Saints of Synthesis, I could listen to him talk all day. He reminds me of a very well spoken and uber-succesfull Millhouse from that show on Fox…? 😉

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