Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Demo


At the 2015 Summer NAMM Show, BOSS introduced the DD-500 Digital Delay, a new effects pedal that they call the most powerful digital delay pedal ever made.

Here’s a video overview of the new DD-500 from the show, via Sound On Sound:


  • Studio-level stereo sound with 32-bit/96 kHz processing throughout
  • 12 versatile delay modes from vintage to modern deliver unlimited creative possibilities
  • Unrivaled real-time expression with customizable control settings for onboard and external switches
  • Graphic LCD for easy, intuitive operation while performing and editing
  • Onboard patch memories and hands-on controls
  • Equipped with a built-in Phrase Looper, MIDI, USB, and more
  • Selectable buffered or true-bypass operation
  • Runs on four AA-size batteries or PSA-series AC adapter

The Boss DD-500 has a street price of about US $299. For more info, see the BOSS site.

19 thoughts on “Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Demo

  1. While it always depends on specific personal needs, I’d say this is worth the $299 in the text under the video panel. If his claim of $399 is accurate, it’ll still street at close to $300, which feels fair. I was always a big fan of multi-effect boxes like the SE-50. Adding that to a synth made it sound like it came from the next price bracket up. Some guitarists prefer the 12-pedals-in-a-row board, but I know at least one who uses just two multi-type units and a favorite old distortion pedal. That’s it. Most people probably want more than just delay, but this thing has range and integration to spare. If you want to hot-rod an EDM setup, make it a central Send option for some identifiable shazam.

        1. I think this looks like a copy of Strymons time line. I have their Big Sky Reverb and do think Strymon have the edge and more on reverbs and echo pedals.
          It is good to see this on the market though and I will check it out before I buy the strymon.

        2. Are you kidding, in the 80s? If we’re talking about the same genre (that relies heavily on cheesy vocal cuts, supersaws, and vengeance drum loops), then I’m sorry to say but supersaws and vengeance sample packs didn’t even exist in the 80s. 😛

          1. A supersaw is stacked and modulated saw waves. Those have been around since the start of synths.

            They just make it easy for lazy people by doing it all for you on newer synths.

            Lots of EDM made without them.

    1. It’s only delayed if you try to order it online. If you walk into a store and purchase it with cash there will be no digital delay.

            1. Price isn’t bad, though it could be a bit reduced. They HAVE compressed a lot into that pedal. Of course, if the price is coupled with a shipping delay, I’m sure we’ll hear all the crybabies moaning about it.

            2. I couldn’t Bypass this chance to give you guys some positive Feedback for the Time you spent on your comments and I’d like to Echo the sentiment.

              Things can get a little Dry here now and then in the Synthtopia comment section, and the Tone is not always pleasant! Arguments tend to go around in Loops as some people Repeat themselves with needless Intensity..
              Sometimes you might want to put Tape on people’s mouths and Attack them until they Reverse what they have said about ReFace being good value.. 🙂

              But sometimes you get some really amazing conversations like this with great Depth and unrivalled Expression!

  2. huh? EDM artist just use sylenth, which i beleive has its own delay. Why would they need this when they can just supersaw and use the built in effect?

  3. Does anyone know if this will take line level signals? Also, I have also wondered how we can tell whether pedals can take line level signals? Any clues on what to look out for? Thanks in advance!

    1. You know I used to use something like this, a tube-pre with compressor and line-out, to run my mix through guitar units. As I drove the volume I’d get nice tube warmth and subtle dirt, but it would never overdrive the pedals, some of which were clearly not meant for a signal that strong:

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