Two Synth Pioneers, Vince Clarke + Jean-Michel Jarre, Collaborate On New Track

Jean-Michel Jarre has released a sneak preview of his collaboration with fellow synth pioneer Vince Clarke, Automatic

The teaser is the latest preview for Jarre’s ‘E-Project’ (working title), a new album conceived to encompass the last few decades of electronic music, with the participation of several generations of artists.

The album features 16 different collaborators, including the so far revealed M83, Tangerine Dream, Gesaffelstein, 3D from Massive Attack and Vince Clarke.and is available for pre-order via Boxsets, iTunes, and Spotify.

24 thoughts on “Two Synth Pioneers, Vince Clarke + Jean-Michel Jarre, Collaborate On New Track

  1. That’s a nice way to start a day , hearing about this collaboration. The nice thing to see here inspite of their status as serious players is that they seem into each others work and humble!
    I look forward to the album.

  2. Nope…The best and most remarkable collaboration would be Jarre and Vangelis, imo! But that is not going to happen, I’m afraid….

    1. I’d love to see a Jarre collab with Karl Bartos or Florian Schneider (both ex-Kraftwerk), Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), or maybe some more contemporary psychedelic trance artists

  3. Don’t forget the collaboration track that has happened between Jarre and John Carpenter. It isn’t officially announced but Carpenter mentioned it in an interview about his new album. Also expect something with Gary Numan.

  4. Blocked in Canada how can this happen in todays globalized economy. I also tried to purchase JMJ Live in your Living room DVD directly from his site a while back and it was only available in europe. Same for other artists on occasionI don’t get it.

    1. Sorry about that – Synthtopia tries to be as global as possible, but the big media companies still have a lot of messed up licensing that we don’t have any control over. 🙁

  5. I don’t endorse any of these, but search “YouTube downloader”on Google and you can paste the URL for the video in and download the video or MP3. Certain websites still have the restriction on region, but others do not. Don’t try any pages past the first page of results on Google, and do not download any software. Or just don’t watch the video! I know it is hard to do.

  6. ‘Blocked in my country’… Really? They think the USA is the only freaking country in the world that has people who are interested?? Anyway, there are plenty of ways to circumvent such nonsense.

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