You Can Now DJ On A Watch – Here’s How It Works

Earlier in the year, Algoriddim added Apple Watch support to its djay dj software.

This video, via Digital DJ Tips, demonstrates what it’s like to DJ with a watch.

While we’ve covered musical applications for smartphones and tablets from day one and seen their value for many users, we’re skeptical about the utility of current smartwatch music applications. Nevertheless, there’s still a ‘gee-whiz’ factor to this and it’s fascinating what is now technically possible.

Does anyone want to see you DJing on your watch? Is this the watch-pocalypse?

Check out this demo and let us know what you think about the future for smartwatch music software.


12 thoughts on “You Can Now DJ On A Watch – Here’s How It Works

  1. Yes…. and some day we will be able to ‘DJ”on our apple branded retinal implants. There will always be a pretty clear distinction between just putting on tracks and something involving artistic expression. This is more an evolution from winamp and itunes than 1200s.

  2. Hey, if I can make “whickety-whickety-whack” scratching motions with my watch hand and have the watch respond in kind, I’m IN!!!

    *cough* I’ll let myself out.

  3. And these are the guys who think music is so valueless they weren’t going to pay for it till Taylor Swift stood up to them. How many of their billions are made on or around music? And I’m actually a fan of Apple here.

    1. This is actually software made by an independent company that runs on one of Apple’s platforms, so it’s independent of Apple and has nothing to do with their streaming music division or Tay Sway.

      But streaming music is now a commodity for all the big companies – Apple/Google/Microsoft/Pandora/Spotify – and the big music companies have the whole industry so rigged that nobody makes any real money off of it, except for the big music companies. Pandora and Spotify will never be real businesses as a result, and Apple, Google and Microsoft are always going to use it as a tool for promoting their platforms.

      As for DJing on your watch – probably cool to try once, but ultimately pointless. if you’re not doing Ableton Live remixing or spinning vinyl, you’re not really DJing.

  4. 100% negative comments so far (even the funny ones).

    I’m not defending the app (or the notion of wrist DJing or whatever) but it is pretty funny to see 100% dismissal of new music tech on a synthesizer site. I’m old enough to remember this sort of universal sentiment about synthesizers.

    Porch, kids, lawn, whiskey, all that. I know, I know.

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