Erica Synths Black VC Clock Offers 4 Types Of Clock Output

Erica Synths shared this new video that demonstrates its new Black VC Clock – a master clock Euro module that offers 4 types of clock out and more.

The module generates several clock signals simultaneously and it has advanced features (tap tempo, shuffle, divide) both for controlled, rhythmic music production and for experiments with high level of uncertainty.


  • Clock output with BPM input via encoder or tap-tempo button
  • Divided clock output (/16, /8, /4, /3, /2, x2, x4, x8, x16)
  • Shuffling Clock output with adjustable shuffle level and clock multiplication (x2, x4, x8, x16)
  • Random Clock output with adjustable output rate
  • Voltage controlled clock rate
  • BPM indicator
  • External Clock input with BPM indication
  • Inputs/outputs are protected against over-voltage
  • Diode protection on reversed power supply

The Erica Synths Black VC Clock is available for 190 Euro. See the Erica Synths site for details.

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