13 thoughts on “JL Design Intros Custom Keyboard Stands

  1. Wow. Beautiful stuff…but at what cost in weight and money!? I suspect the case ends up more valuable than its contents.

    1. Yeah I’m not sure about rolling it around on those little wheels with no foam casing or suspension… Not good for the keyboard! Also the back is open for cables, so… Not waterproof then…

      It makes good sense for turning a keyboard into a subtle piece of furniture in the living room. But not for performing…

  2. It really is a nice way to make your ugly synth look more like a fancy instrument. And it is a case! Very cool. I’m glad they offer a fiber glass version. I wonder if they have any sustainability ethic– WRT slashing rainforests to get fancy wood.

      1. You PolySix is plenty warm due to it’s failing 30 year old power supply. Remember to check your synth’s battery, and the ones in your smoke detectors.

  3. carbon fibre is exactly the same process as fibreglass you just replace the matting with carbonfibre,
    and why no foam on the inside to cushion the bumps ,ever pull a suitcase on wheels along a street?
    its mighty bumpy,these are cool but he needs to cushion the synth from the shocks and bumps.
    as a fully trained engineer he needs to either add shocks to the wheels or padd the inside,id recommend both for synth’s that cost over a thousand,could get real fancy with inflatable bags internally that air cushion your synth on the rugged journeys,or on the cheap with foam.great idea he just needs to evolve his design a bit ,guess he is a chippy(woodworker)

  4. ONE gig and the wood is gonna get dented/damaged. Possibly just loading and unloading. You just can’t keep your case pristine unless you don’t let anyone else touch it and you’re super careful. Every case I’ve had I tried to baby but inevitably something’s gonna happen. Would be better marketed as furniture.

  5. Um, ok. I’m looking at the links and everything and not finding a way to order or inquire about these stands. Does anyone have a clue how to inquire about these? I’ve been looking for something that will look better than the metal stand that I have my keyboard on now and looks more like a piece of furniture.


    Carrie Geraldino

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