Source Audio Intros Reflex Universal Expression Controller Pedal


2015 Summer NAMM Show: Source Audio has introduced the Reflex Universal Expression Controller, a programmable expression pedal that delivers MIDI and CV control and more.

Here’s the official video intro:

The Reflex Universal Expression Controller simultaneously send up to three standard expression or control voltage (CV) signals and MIDI CC messages to MIDI compatible pedals rack systems or digital audio workstation (DAW) software.

You can set the depth and direction of each output, and save up to 128 different preset configurations, recallable via the onboard controls or with external MIDI program change messages (PC messages).

The Reflex can also send five different LFO wave shapes with expression control of depth, speed, or beat divisions.


  • Three 1/4” Expression Outs (10k/10k/50k): Each expression out is paired with its own set of DIP switches, which are used to select the expression type — choose control voltage (CV) or the passive expression configuration that is compatible with your effects pedal, synthesizer or rack unit.
  • Expression Control: For each preset, set which outputs are active, the depth and direction of the expression signals, and the curve of the tapers.
  • 6 LFO Wave Shapes: Send an automated modulation signal to each expression output with any of the Reflex’s six LFO wave shapes. Set the expression pedal to control the LFO’s depth, modulation speed, or the beat divisions over a fixed BPM
  • MIDI Continuous Controller Messages: Send up to three independently configurable MIDI CC messages via the MIDI out or the USB Port.
  • 128 User Presets: Save up to 128 expression configurations, recallable via the onboard controls or MIDI program change messages.
  • USB port: Send MIDI continuous controller messages directly to your DAW software or virtual instrument software.

The Reflex Universal Expression Controller is available now for about US $219 street price. See the Source Audio site for more info.

More information: Source Audio / Reflex Universal Expression Controller

5 thoughts on “Source Audio Intros Reflex Universal Expression Controller Pedal

  1. Innovation in this area is indeed welcome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a feature-rich foot controller. The price seems reasonable for what it offers. Curve control, presets and lots of ways to connect– all great.

    Seems the only thing they left out is using it as a volume pedal. For that matter, if they made a volume pedal with variable impedance, several pot values, and curve control, they’d have another hit on their hands. There’d be lots of tweak-heads who would pay over $200 for such a thing.

    1. Well, for midi control change messages, the standard for volume is 07. So it would support volume. Non midi gear might require a separate volume pedal, easily found for practically nothing.

      1. Yes, I was talking about an audio volume pedal. Boss makes a volume pedal that has an expression out (for use with synths).

        The problems with volume pedals- like “tone suck”, bad taper/curve, broken strings/strips, impedance mismatch, etc etc, mean that if someone wanted to throw a hat in the ring to make a decent one, there’d be interest.

        1. You can use the CV and MIDI out to control synths or pedals with CV or MIDI in directly. Not a big loss right there. 🙂

  2. I was sad I sold my Moog MP-201, but I guess I can get it back and it not be the size of a small tank. Nice.

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