64 New Presets For The Roland Aira System-1

Alba Ecstasy has released Structures, a new patch library for the Roland System-1

Structures features 64 new presets for System-1, demonstrated in the video above.

The patch library includes: 8 bass sounds, 8 pads, 8 leads, 8 arps, 8 plucks, 16 synth sounds, 8 raw sounds (analog style).

Structures is available now, with an introductory price of €8.50 (normally €12.00).

9 thoughts on “64 New Presets For The Roland Aira System-1

  1. Pet gripe: isn’t the definition of preset a patch that is one of the factory patches that are included in the machine by the manufacturer? These are patches not presets.

  2. “On my System-1 I created a preset that I use as a starting point for making a patch.” – is it okay if I use the term that way?

      1. The envelope click is a characteristic of analog circuits when, as stated above, your attack time is set to zero.

        It is usually present on almost all analog envelopes unless the designer adjusted the attack time setting to not actually be zero when the attack is all the way down. Many do this to hide the click, but the click is useful for some patches.

        It is good to see that the Roland analog modeling replicates this behaviour in it’s design, as it means many other aspects of the circuits are also faithful to their real component counterparts.

        But it can seem “broken” if you have never experienced it before.

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