Knobcon 4 Coming To Chicagoland Sept 11-13

knobcon-overlay15Knobcon 4 – a massive synth meetup, featuring performances, workshops and vendors – is scheduled for Sept 11-13, at the Westin Chicago Northwest.

The three-day event focuses on electronic and experimental music, and the tools used to create it. 

The Synth Freq Tearing Up Knobcon 2013

The event is organized by Suit and Tie Guy (Eric Williamson), the man behind MU/Euro synth manufacturer STG Soundlab

Schedule details for Knobcon 4 are still to be announced – but Friday night will feature a party with electronic music performances; Saturday night, a banquet with modular synth pioneer Malcolm Cecil as guest speaker; and expect demos, synth DIY, gear galore and more the rest of the weekend.

Tickets to Knobcon 4 are $35 (additional cost for the Sat banquet). Sponsors are wanted for the event and details are available at the Knobcon site.

You can find out more about Knobcon 4 at the event site or via the event’s Facebook page.

6 thoughts on “Knobcon 4 Coming To Chicagoland Sept 11-13

  1. When traveling in Chicago, carry a gun, keep your doors locked, and hit the gas if anyone wearing saggy pants approaches your vehicle.

    1. Uh, Schaumburg (Itasca, actually) is merely part of metropolitan Chicago, not Chicago itself. Your main concern will be the road construction surrounding the hotel. Try to avoid arriving Friday afternoon and early evening, as rush hour around here snarls fiercely at that time.

  2. If you don’t travel west and farther south than Chinatown, and if you look disheveled and poor, you should be safe in Chicago.

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