Roland Aira System-1m Hands-On Demo

Roland shared this tutorial video that offers a hands-on demo of the new Aira System-1m all-in-one Eurorack module. 

The Aira System-1m Semi-Modular Synthesizer is a standalone instrument, with external inputs and an array of CV/Gate connections that allow it to be re-patched and to interface with other modular synthesizer systems.

This AIRA Start video for the SYSTEM-1m is divided into three sections:

  • OVERVIEW: A close look at the oscillators, filters, amplifier, envelopes, effects and the available PLUG-OUTs
  • SYNC: Learn how to connect to the AIRA MX-1 Mix Performer and TB-3 sequencer via MIDI, and how to create a patch using the control voltage jacks to connect to analog and Eurorack modular synthesizers.
  • SETUP: Install the SYSTEM-1 as a 19” rack-mount device, into a Eurorack modular setup or use as a tabletop device

The System-1m has a street price of about US $599. For more info, see the Roland site.

18 thoughts on “Roland Aira System-1m Hands-On Demo

  1. I think this might be the first demo I’ve seen that makes me actually want an Aira product.

    I wonder if you can disable the stupid dancy lights…

      1. Everyone knows it… vinyl noise is what makes it sounds “way better” to the audiophile ears… so much better than clean digital!

  2. Still thinking of picking one of these up. A lot of the demos I’ve heard are very tinny but the part where he’s sequencing it with the metropolis sounds quite rich. Agree it would be nice to know whether you could turn off the glowing controls. Nice touch in the beginning with the rack ears on backwards for a quick angled stand.

  3. So take good notice folks, it is now possible and in fact recommended for full joy to purchase, chain and sync SEVERAL Aira units! What do you mean you can’t buy an Aira every month? You’ve got a credit card, haven’t you?

    1. You are stuck with Electrified Gumby Green which I’m actually partial too. The blinky light cascade thing works kind of like a screensaver. You can adjust the timeout interval when the blinking starts or you can just disable it where it never happens. It’s in the manual. When the System-1m receives any kind of activity it stops too. I don’t usually see it happen. Mine isn’t used for display. It’s used to make noise.

      1. I feel like a doofus, but I’ve scoured the System-1m ‘manual’ and have not been able to locate the part that tells you how to disable the ‘screensaver’ mode on the System-1m!

        There’s a YouTube video of a guy who shows you how to disable it for all the other AIRAs, but that was before the System-1m came out, and the way you do it on the System-1 can’t be replicated on the -1m because it doesn’t have a scatter-wheel…

        In any case, if you could share this info, I’d be very grateful!

        1. Parameter: LED DEMO

          Controller: Hold down the [LPF TYPE] and turn the [SELECT] knob

          Explanation: Specifies the time (minute) until the LED DEMO is shown (PITCH ENV (down arrow) (IN) jack lit means +10). If this is set to “-” the LED DEMO is not shown.

          1. Wow. Toooootally missed that in the manual. Thanks!
            Also, as an FYI, you need to first hold down the [WRITE] button and press the [LFO KEY TRIG] button to get it into this mode; then the [LFO KEY TRIG] button blinks.

        1. yes, there are a load of “under-the-bonnet” or “under-the-hood” functions you get by keeping particular buttons depressed while switching the power on with, for eg the mx1 to set brightness, color etc.

          you can dim the lights , and as far as am aware change color to a degree.
          and of course, get rid of that blinding merry-go-round display intended for shops

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