Insane Car Sound System Eats Bags Of Chips For Lunch

Off topic & old, but fun: This video demonstrates what 4 18″ subwoofers & 30,000 watts will do to a bag of Wavy Lay’s potato chips. 

You know how you’re supposed to check your mixes on a car stereo, to see how it will sound on a typical system?

Don’t try it with this car! Especially if you’re eating a bag of chips.

24 thoughts on “Insane Car Sound System Eats Bags Of Chips For Lunch

  1. Yeah, sure, I probably don’t need hearing protection here. I mean, I’ve seen no evidence that this thing can cause physical damage..

  2. 30,000 watts…in a car?? That’s enough wattage for a sizable festival stage. I think boys playing with their toys is fine, but fuck. How is this legal to drive around in and assault your neighbors with bass?

    1. Not in any jurisdiction worth a damn. But hey it’s not like they banned cars that can top 70mph…

      30kW is about 40 horsepower they’re siphoning off the car. Hell of a power draw…

  3. Before it was “Does it blend”
    Now it’s “Does it BASS” ^_^

    He could make a little platform / plate mounted just inside the bass port, maybe with a mounting spike or clampts, to hol items to expose to the acoustic pressure.

    – Fruits & vegetables
    – soft toys

  4. Would it not be better if you have a nice hot-tie of a gall stand in front and blow off her cloths????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. What the title of this post should actually be:

    ” Insane Car Sound System Eats ear drums For Lunch ”

    Don’t worry, at some point in the future, he’ll have total loss of hearing and
    he’ll have no use for such a system.

  6. One should never loose their sense of humour, granted… I just find it difficult to enjoy a video where: the “niggers” do this, the “niggers” do that, the bitches are this, the hoes are that… etc…
    I guess some guys still need to compare sizes…

    There is so much “white trash” out there, why post that on Synthopia?

  7. Why, why, why? I never understood the concept of trying to create sound so loud you can hear zero detail, can’t carry on a conversation with a fellow passenger and damage your hearing. Why people equate loud with good just puzzles me.

    I know some like to do things just to show they can be done but everyone knows you can create a loud system by now. Why waste the time and money to do it. This is probably the same guy who is up to his eyeballs in credit card debt, eats cheap fast food (including lots of potato chips) and lives in a dump of a house.

    I’m all for freedom for each person to choose to do what they want to do, I just don’t understand how this system would be enjoyable beyond some laughs.

    There is more to music than bass!

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