Elektrosluch 3 Like A Mic For Electromagnetic Fields

elektrosluch-3LOM has introduced the Elektrosluch 3 – a device designed to let you listen to the electromagnetic fields that constantly surround you.

Here’s what’s new on the Elektrosluch 3:

  • fully enclosed and more ergonomic design;
  • simple single potentiometer operation;
  • higher gain;
  • audiophile-grade WIMA capacitors; and
  • highly increased protection of the sensors.

Here’s the official video intro:

The Elektrosluch 3 is available for pre-order for €90.00.

LOM previously introduced the Uši – microphones designed for recording ‘delicate sounds’:

The Uši mics are also available for pre-order for €90.00.

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15 thoughts on “Elektrosluch 3 Like A Mic For Electromagnetic Fields

  1. A 6$ phone pickup does the same result for electromagnetic fields. http://www.amazon.com/Removable-Telephone-Pickup-Recorder-44-533/dp/B00114LCT2/ref=pd_sim_267_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=083HC5J7K4MNDNYM2PNY
    In fact, you just need a coil and a magnet. A guitar pickup is also working.
    And if you want cheap omni electret mic with low noise , primo em172 mic are good for half of the price (and I think it’s exactly the capsules he uses) http://micbooster.com/12-primo-microphone-capsules
    So what’s make this stuff so expensive ?

    1. Hello,

      I am the maker of those two devices.

      There is a difference between pick-up coil and Elektrosluch, since Elektrosluch is self-contained solution (which is also stereo). You can just plug in your headphones and explore. It contains high-quality amplifier, tuned to do a bit of filtering on the lower part of the spectrum to not let hum overcome everything.

      Regarding the price of Elektrosluch – that is how much it costs me to make it. I use good parts, circuit boards are made and assembled in my country – Slovakia (not China), I spent months perfecting the design/casing. Anyway, it is open-source and the schematics will be published soon on our github (where you can find the previous version), so you’re welcome to build it yourself if you’d like and save some cash.

      Regarding the mics – yes I use Primo EM-172 capsules. Matched pair, actually. I make rigid steel bodies for them, so they can be even run over by a bike/stepped on without much harm 🙂 I use high quality cables and connectors. Again, this is how much it costs me to make them, if I want to make regular hourly wage when assembling them, testing them, packing them etc.

      If you have any other questions, let me know – zvukolom (at) zvukolom.org

      Jonas Gruska

      1. Thanks for coming on and describing more details about your design, components and quality control.

        I was making a little joke about my guitar pickup. But I DO see the value of high-quality devices like this. Sound-designers shouldn’t think twice about having new ways to gather “low-noise” 😉 sound from around the place. Some of those things are quite surprising and wonderful.

        Definitely worth considering!!

    2. I have done a lot of sound design work with standard 10$ pickup coils. The main problem with them is sensibility and frequency range they could pick-up. As is – pickup coils is not very useful for serious SFX work – they need to be modified in someway (and btw, in some countries its illegal to sell modified coils, because of spy gear ban).
      For example i use these ones: http://hydrophones.blogspot.ru/2010/09/induction-coil-pick-up-now-available.html modified by very nice engineer from England. Their frequency range and sensibility boosted very nicely compared with standard ones.
      I don’t know about this device, the demo video is not very informative, but if these guys boosted sensibility and frequency range of pick-up coils even higher – its might be very useful. Need more demos and examples.

    3. Just to make a point across… Yes you can use a guitar pick up like I did in the past, but then soldering those TINY cables can be a pain not to mention that then you always have to be careful handling it. This to me seem like a fast and good tool to experiment with on the go.
      Ease of use and portability are a HUGE plus for me when it comes to field recording. And its stereo.

      1. another advantage of using stereo set of pick-up coils – is the ability to place them on a distance from each other to get a wider or even totally different stereo picture

        and this device has a fixed distance between two sensors and this could be a problem if you want to record some dramatic changes between left and right channels

  2. Very cool! Unfortunately though, I don’t require an Elektrosluch to hear those sounds coming out of my monitors. That said, maybe it could help me diagnose the root cause?

  3. I was a bit late… I m vert interested in buying the product but it seems to be out of stock…. Any more batch coming of I m totally fu****?

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