Using The LinnStrument With A Eurorack Modular

In this video, LinnStrument guru Geert Bevin demonstrates using the new instrument with a Eurorack modular synthesizer. 

In the following video, Bevin explains the technical aspects of his setup:

“The Expert Sleepers FH-1 is a wonderful USB MIDI to CV converter that can bus power the LinnStrument,” notes Bevin.  “In this video I explain my setup that uses only pitch CV and pressure CV, no gate nor velocity are necessary since you’re really ‘playing the envelopes’.”

6 thoughts on “Using The LinnStrument With A Eurorack Modular

  1. Geert, that piece was like a cross between classic Roedelius and the Barron’s “Forbidden Planet” tonalities. It has that nice ‘European’ sheen you don’t hear at raves, which in turn highlights the Linnstrument’s flexibility. I’m not a modular user, but I could be tempted, because that gave it a superior solo voice more in line with my personal idea of How It Should Be. Very good demo.

  2. Loving the tech – such a simple and elegant interface with the modular.

    There’s something really jarring about that interval – it’s like *just* shy of being in tune or something. I can’t put my finger on it, it threw me off for a second there.

  3. I tried ot use the FH-1 with my Linnstrument and had the problem that the notes played on the Linnstrument were not mapped correctly to the v/oct. When low notes were tuned correctly the upper notes were out of tune and vice versa. I guess that there is some kind of configuration on the FH-1 which fixes the problem but I was not able to solve this myself.

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