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  1. great sounds buttttt another video where somebody is using some super-cheap budget equipment and creates some super awesome sounds … by running it through about another $1000 of equipment.. which is somehow left out in the bill

    1. My thoughts exactly. This showed up on my fb page and I pretty much made the same point.
      It’s ironic, but the description on the posting on my fb implied that the artist used ONLY the
      $40.00 Casio

        1. From the Synthopia FB page.


          ” Can’t afford a monster synth?
          This guy makes soundscapes with a $40 Casio mini-keyboard: ”

          End Quote:

      1. I’d respectfully point out that while you CAN “do it all” if you totally utilize a DAW and/or just a few devices, e-music is a cross between a hobby and an obsession, born of the natural growth of popular music and simple Capitalism. Bill Nelson began an excellent solo career with quite a bit of early treated Casios in his work, but it didn’t hurt a thing. I see the debate as moot, because even if you stay low-budget, you WILL end up dropping $2k or more before you’re done. Its no different than owning 3 or 4 guitars with amps and pedals attached. Not everyone needs a Kronos, but many go for sample sets of even Casio waves, so if you’re adept at shaping the material, people will only remember whether or not the song was any good.

        I enjoyed hearing the piece evolve. Just remember that “ambient” tends to mean floaty or gauzy to many people, but it mainly means “environment.” A seashore is one, but a car-manufacturing plant is another. Its a broad style; you can lift people up or scare the crap out of ’em. Its not the sound source that’s #1, its the spin you put on the recipe.

        1. I’ve been making electronic drone with cheap gear for a while, so I also get a little bummed out thinking I’m going to see someone doing something similar (that I can take inspiration from) but the end up having some expensive stuff.

          Lately I’ve been running a setup of just a koassilator, monotron, reverb pedal, and DL4 looper (and occasionally a pocket piano, which is a bit more on the pricey side) and have been getting some really great soundscapes: https://instagram.com/p/5LfoYJti7r/

          Also, here’s a video of my previous setup, I think the most expensive thing I have was $300: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfxS1xwY-N0

    2. I agree (sound and technically wise) but, is there a way to make similar sounds, with the same flexibility, for less money than that?

      Honest question

      Edit: Read Alien child response and you are right. But, it is hard to expect that keyboard to make a soundscape without at least a reverb…

      1. Software. Something like Reaktor or even Guitar Rig can be great ways to create interesting textures and soundscapes for very little bux. If you’ve got a controller with assignable knobs, switches, and faders, all the better.

        1. Of course.
          For what is worth, a dedicated computer will cost you some money and the controller, a little bit more, and the usb interface a little more, getting close to the $1000 bar.

          That setup would be more flexible… and it would be too ordinary to install a debate.


      2. Casio – $40
        Audio Interface – ~$100
        Computer – You already have one
        Ableton Live Intro – Free with most controllers or from a friend

        You’ll save money if you use a computer for either sound generation or effects or both. Do everything in-box and you can swap the casio for a controller.

      3. Used iPod touch. You can get an audio/midi interface and a keyboard controller or you can just use the headphone output and the touch screen and get going with the music making.

        One big plus for audio interface: you can also use the device as an effects processor for external gear (like a cheap casio). Lots and lots of great sounding apps for very very little scratch.


      4. get a zoom cdr70 – cheap stereo reverb/chorus/delay that is a monster – also got a donner white wizard on sale for 30 bucksa little wile ago that does great stereo modulation

    3. I would say the majority of instruments out there, both hardware and software, are mediocre at best. But they often sound great because they include some nice onboard effects that gloss up the source. Once you see the truth of that, your gear lust diminishes greatly, and your creative opportunities open wide up.

      That being said, I really enjoyed this piece!

      1. Kp2: $100
        Memory Man: $300
        Sp404: around $350 used…

        Really around a $750 set up.

        Either way, it sounded good and was enjoyable so I don’t really discredit the man.

  2. From any angle, I find those budget concerns to be a pretty skewed way of looking at things. Not in the least when you consider that it’s all low budget gear.

    Regardless; I thoroughly enjoyed those melodic, lo-fi textures and loops. Great work pianoloft – tres hypnotique!

    EDIT: Hmm except perhaps the angle in which the video is misrepresented as including only $40 of equipment – but I didn’t see that in the title anywhere. Either way, I like it.

  3. Why focus on the money? It’s about the creativity involved. The artist didn’t have to use the SA46; They didn’t have to connect their gear in the particular fashion that they did or use it to make the specific sounds presented.

    Take any limited set of tools, connect them together, see what you can make. That’s a creative process. It doesn’t matter if it’s $100 worth of gear or $1000 worth of gear. It’s always the person that makes the music, not the electronics.

  4. Looper+FX processor+any sound source = pretty much the same thing.
    Of course, you should be able to control all that stuff properly.

    1. Haha that’s a video effect making the keys look like that.

      The video doesn’t claim to use only the casio or anything about budget. Here is the description on youtube if you guys would take the time to click over on the video –

      “slow and quiet pice, realized with a casio sa 46, run through a korg kaospad 2 and a roland sp 404 sx, ueseing a pitch shifter effect, and a memory man delay”

      He mentions everything he uses with no promise of it being a cheap way to do things. This morning the video had around 100 views, now it’s almost 3500! Great music 🙂

  5. HOW MUCH DID THE KEYBOARD COST? Okay, bitchnuts…THAT cheap little synth is the SOURCE of the soundscape. Did you have something real to say otherwise? Not really. Just had to speak up, I guess.

    As a person with a functioning brain, I would like to translate this event for you. You see, the point is that YES he’s got other gear. BUT, he didn’t have to run out and buy the $4,000,000.00 Rolmoogasio 9000 SE/4 “Who Gives a Fuck” limited edition model to get THAT sound as a PRODUCT.

    I’d say you’re mad because you HAVE the Rolmoogasio 9000 SE/4 “Who Gives a Fuck” limited edition WITH your name engraved on it…and you STILL can’t ‘scape like that.

    Bitchnuts. The Internet is FULL of them. First visit. Last visit. Taking the video with me, because THAT was some awesome work.


    1. I’m sorry, I gotta speak up…hate me or not…I really don’t care.

      You state you have a functioning brain, but you are the ONLY one using profanity to get your point across. I tend to take people like you, and your opinion, not very seriously.

      Have a nice day functioning brain.

  6. Trent Reznor once sampled a Bic pen. He also once told a reporter, “show me a cheap drum machine and I’ll show you a great instrument.” The fact is that once can accumulate both good gear and cheap gear over the course of a lifetime, and use it for various things, and with a little ingenuity it can sounds great.

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