Spectrasonics Updates Omnisphere With New Patch Sharing Features

Spectrasonics-omnisphere2Spectrasonics has updated Omnisphere to version 2.1, adding a feature for sharing user sounds and a new Library Publishing capability.

“Now third-party developers of patch sets for Omnisphere 2 have a simple way to create and offer custom libraries,” says Spectrasonics’ Founder and Creative Director, Eric Persing. “There’s no need for installers or complicated instructions for moving files around directories deep in the system folders. And because it’s so easy to share sounds and ideas now, we feel this will be a huge boon for social media user groups discussing tips and patch creation. This is a big opportunity for our users everywhere. We look forward to seeing and hearing what develops!”

Sharing sounds is simplified in Omnisphere 2.1 – simply shift-click on a few Patches or a few Multi-patches and then save them to be transferred to a friend or musical collaborator who also has Omnisphere 2.

Sharing patches automatically includes any user audio, which is especially convenient with custom patches. Sharing multiple types of Patches, Multis and user audio all at once is easier too, with Project sharing; the end-user can just collect a set of sounds in a project, and then share the project.

The new “Publish Library” feature in v2.1 was created for third-party developers of Omnisphere libraries. It allows developers to easily export, or “publish” a library of Multis and Patches, along with any associated user-created Soundsources, as well as graphic images for the custom library in a single .omnisphere file format. End-users can then easily install this package into their systems with a single step.

Here’s what’s new in Omnisphere v2.1

  • New Sound Sharing and Publishing capabilities:
    • Easily share patches and projects between users, which can include User Audio.
    • Publish a library of patches and Multis including User Audio, graphics and more.
    • Share Sounds over social media
  • Faster Boot Time: Opening the plugin inside any DAW on Macintosh or Windows is much speedier.

Omnisphere is available for Mac & WIndows (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) for US $499 USD / 399 EUR.

8 thoughts on “Spectrasonics Updates Omnisphere With New Patch Sharing Features

  1. I can’t believe that I haven’t had a chance to upgrade yet. Every time I have a little extra cash to do so, something makes it not possible. Such is the life of a lowly EMT. I can save your life, but I can’t afford to support my own. I will have you soon my precious….

  2. They should have a way to close that silly browser when not in use… having it on the side is just an accident waiting to happen… stupid if you ask me… takes up space.. guess theyr not thinking about sound designers as much as patch users..

    1. Actually, the whole area of the interface is used for the Full Browser and for the new Modulation side pane as well, so it’s not wasted space by any means. In fact, the modulation pane uses that area and is particularly useful for Sound Designers, because it allows you to see your mod routings/sources/targets no matter what page you are on…especially useful when modulating the effects rack parameters or the new zoom pages for Granular, FM, Etc. There are also things in the works for future uses of that space as well.

  3. Omnisphere 2 knocks the socks off all the hardware synths out there, including the Schmidt ‘money eater’, etc. It’s really quite incredible how much synth power we have inside a PC nowadays, and for such a small amount of money, compared to thirty years ago.

  4. The most powerful synth in my arsenal, but I really need to use it more than I do. I certainly neglect it and feel kinda bad about it.

  5. If Apple releases Alchemy for Logic, that and Omnisphere will be “all I’ll ever need.” Ha, yeah, right, but its close to true. I can easily understand why so many are wowed by the great synth-riches we can have for near chump-change; I used to buy hardware at a steady pace. As I learned more and the software route became viable, tweaking came to matter more than a new Shiny Thing. I love buying a new library, because I have hours of fun refining the second, customized set I get from knowing how to program pretty well, making the base set shine. Few of us have programming ears as big as Eric’s, but if you dig in, Omni and others really do contain a wealth of Junos, Synthexes & OSCars. You just have to sculpt them by hand. Its largely a filter config thing with analogs anyway. I’ll always want a few specialty instruments like M-Tron, same as you, but I was amazed at how much Moog I was able to get from Alchemy. Since Omnisphere *also* offers a Moog set and superior choirs, for example, there’s little real need to go outside unless you want a fringe item. Omnisphere is the synth version of Salvador Dali’s response when asked if he took drugs to create his paintings. He said “I do not take drugs. I AM drugs.” 😀

  6. I really love Omnisphere and to my ears there’s only one thing that could be improved and that maybe the most important thing of a synthesizer. The filters.. Check out U-he and how their filters sound, amazing compared to most plugins. Stil nothing beats a real analog filter though. In general, Spectrasonics rulez! Next step; a dedicated hardware controller?

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