‘Synthesized’ Score Now Available

Christoph Kresse, creator of the upcoming synth documentary Synthesized, let us know that the film’s score is now available. You can preview it via the embed above or via Bandcamp

Synthesized is described as ‘the story of a unique group of artists, who are embracing analog music technology in a digital world.’ The film has a planned release of Spring 2016.

The score features Kresse’s work as SAKI BOMB & ((Crystal Beach))). There are plans to release a limited hardcopy CD run in the future.

On the Synthesized soundtrack, Kresse uses Ableton Live, TE OP-1, as well as Arturia’s virtual synths, a modular system, world percussion and bagpipes.

10 thoughts on “‘Synthesized’ Score Now Available

  1. Wait – it’s a documentary about ‘the story of a unique group of artists, who are embracing analog music technology in a digital world,’ and yet the soundtrack uses an OP-1, Ableton Live, and Arturia VAs?

    OK, can this whole ANALOG HYPE bubble please burst so people will stop using that word as some kind of barometer of greatness?

    1. Yes, and it’s likely filmed with and will be edited on digital equipment.
      I don’t see the problem. It’s not like Mr. Kresse is claiming “an all analog movie and analog soundtrack for ANALog purists.”


  2. Who needs to know who uses what for whatever purpose. I don’t like Ableton Live or Arturias software, but if the material really stands out, then it’s not even relevant information. It only causes war of opinions.

  3. who here likes to use whatever the f***, how ever the f*** the way they want to make cool music?


    I use my ipad to sample the sh*t out of everything around me when I walk around outside or while I am at home, I use my Kurzweil K2500s, I use my new Korg Electribe, I use the record player, an old radio with tuning knobs to sweep those sweet AM fequencies, I use a ton of killer softsynths in conjunction with Logic Pro (in the past) and Live (exclusively from here on out), I use the ipad synths (although not as frequently as I could given the disconnected nature of the system within my workflow…read: let those synths be seen as AU/VST synths PLEASE)…dude, if I had the bread I would TOTALLY be buying more hardware synths in workstation form, Analog, and VA…why NOT?
    It is all so sexy, those synthesizers!

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