Custom Sammich SID Eurorack Module

This video, via ninstrument.nom, demos their custom Eurorack conversion of the Sammich SID synthesizer.

Also being demonstrated is their custom Euro version of the Korg MKP2 Mini Kaoss Pad 2 effects processor.

Ninstrument’s Chris Blarsky notes that he converts ‘all kinds of instruments to Euro’ format, in addition to offering a variety of instruments for chiptunes musicians.

He shared a little more info with us about the conversions featured in the video above:

The Sammich SID requires a custom built MIDI conversion circuit that converts incoming Control voltages over to midi. I customize this circuit to behave and enhance the original instrument. The Sammich SID also comes in two different configurations, one with the older SID’s(6581’s) and one with the newer versions that have the 8580’s. The 6581’s require special attention as they use much more power, so that can be problematic with cases that don’t have sufficient power. I also added another top row of LED’s to indicate the data conversion process in real time.

Right now the only real hurdle to converting most things to eurorack is power and space.

The Korg MKP2s was a little more challenging in the front panel design as it requires a lot of handling and touching with fingers and hands. Also needed to attenuate the incoming ‘hot’ modular signals and boost the outgoing line levels back to modular level. If Korg had an entry into Eurorack this one would be the right one to start with. There is just so much functionality in these units and are so much fun to integrate into a patch.

See the Ninstrument site for more info.

One thought on “Custom Sammich SID Eurorack Module

  1. There’s not much you can do to make a SammichSID talk nicely with your other Euro modules, but the Euro format is still a really nice way to house the unit.

    For those unaware of SammichSID, it is a miniaturized iteration of the “MIDIbox SID” DIY project. If you have the skills to put one together, MIDIbox SID is easily the best (and most customizable) standalone SID synth. SammichSID is one of the few MIDIbox projects that anybody sold as a complete kit including PCBs, enclosure and components. It was even offered with two NOS 6582 / 8580 SID chips!

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