Mutable Instruments Frames Gets New Features With Free ‘Parasite’

This set of videos demonstrates Frames Parasite – a free alternative firmware for the Mutable Instruments Frames 4-channel analog VCA Eurorack module.

The first video demo, above, looks at the new Shift Register Sequencer mode. 

The second video demo, below, looks at the new Euclidean Sequencer option for Frames:

Frames Parasite is an alternative firmware for Frames. It adds the following main features to the module:

  • a new quad Euclidean sequencer mode that turns Frames into a quad algorithmic drum sequencer with built-in envelopes, VCA and mixer.
  • a new Shift Register sequencer mode that turns Frames into a live random canon generator.
  • an improved quad sequencer mode with sequence randomization and a step edition mode to easily enter sequences in sequencer mode.
  • a new user interface to easily switch between modes (no more hard-to-remember button combos). There are five modes: keyframer, quad sequencer, shift register sequencer, quad LFO, quad Euclidean sequencer.
  • four additional memory slots to save and load presets (sequences, mode, parameters etc.).

All features of the official firmware are left untouched and still accessible.

If you own a Frames, you can easily install the firmware. All you need is to play a .wav file into the module: a laptop and a patch cable will do. See the project site for details.

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