Daft Punk To Be Action Figures One More Time


French electronics super duo Daft Punk are getting turned into action figures, one more time. 

In an earlier incarnation, Daft Punk (Thomas Guy and Manuel de Homem-Christo) was translated, in their usual black attire, into 6″ action figures.

The upcoming Medicom 12″ versions will recreate Daft Punk in their 2014 Grammy Award glory:


The Medicom figures are scheduled to be released in March of 2016. Details on pricing and availability are to be announced, but a Japanese site has them priced at 18,360 JPY (about $150).

12 thoughts on “Daft Punk To Be Action Figures One More Time

    1. Oh come on, no appreciation for taking dance music back to its roots and completely doing a 180 on the scene? Everything got so loud, crushed and “commercialized”. Had they made another homework/discovery it would’ve been magic, but it also wouldn’t have been innovative. Every album has been a great transformation from them. They wanted to evolve but the whole entire electronics scene was flooded. So they, once again, evolved with what I thought was the best album that year. I suggest re-listening. The singles off that album are the least interesting/impressive.

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